Sheri Mariya

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Hey all, i was just wondering if someone has the coptic lyrics (written in english or arabic) for the hymn Sheri Mariya ( the hymn that is sung at the end of the weddings) if anyone does please post it.. thanks alot


  • is there 2 sheri maria?
  • there are a lot of shere ni maria's, and if you are looking for the words for it, it is the same hymn as the shere ni maria that we say at the beginning of the mass, you can find those in the mass of the higher institute of coptic studies' version of the mass according to St. Basil.
  • Here is the link:
    -Go to Spiritual Songs
    -Scroll down all the way than the 6th from the last Miscellaneous: St. Mary, Hope this is what you were looking for!

    Coptic Servent
  • Actually, I think he was looking for the text for the hymn, not the audio. Either way, the text is here

    I know that you were looking for the coptic that is written in english or arabic but I couldn't find that anywhere...sorry

    Hope this helps though.

    In Christ.
  • Thank you for sharing that Paulh, yes I noticed that kokie was searching for the text, but I thought the members would like to listen to the audio to know how the hymn goes! I think has great text and great songs, as the rest of all the spiritual websites!

    Coptic Servent
  • dear CopticServant
    here is the words in engish-coptic,
    i used to know how hard it is to learn a hymn when u cant even read it
    however, this is my own personal writing, so there are bound to be a few mistakes
    perhaps someone here will see them and fix it or u can take it to your FOC or a deacon in ur church.

    also to note
    kh = letter after hah that is geem, hah, khah--> make sense, i hope so...
    gh = khah, 3en, ghen

    and things between ?anything? i could not read properly, so i took a guess

    hope it helps and feel free to critique and adjust this

    Shere maria ti oo-ro ti-vo en al-loli en at er khello;
    thi ete mepe oo-oi err-ou oi er-ros;
    av-gem pee-esmah ente ep-onkh en-khits.

    ep-shiri em-efnouti khen oo-meth-mi;
    af-echi sa-rex khen ti-parthenos;
    as-misi em-mof af-soati em-mon;
    afka nen-novi nan evol.

    are-gem oo-eh-mot oa tai shelet;
    hanmish av-saj-ji e-pe-tai-oa je a-pi-loghos ente ef-yoat;
    i-af-chi sarex evol en-khi-ti.

    neem en es-himi et hijen pi-kahi;
    as-er-mav em-ef-nouti ev-veel e-ro;
    je entho oo-eshimi en-rem en-kahi;
    are-ermav em-pi-ref-soant.

    a-o-mish en-es-himi chi-tai-oo;
    av-shash-ni e-ti-met-oo-roa;
    al-la em pou esh-voah e-pe-tai-oa;
    thi eth-ne-soas khen ni-hey-yoa-mi.

    entho ghar pe pi pir-ghos et-et-chos-ee;
    etav jem pee-anamee enkheetf;
    ete fai pe em-manou-eel;
    etafee af-shoapi khen teneji.

    maren-tai-oa en-et par-the-ney-ya;
    en tee shelet en at-ka-key-ya;
    tee ka-tha-ros em-pan ageya;
    tee-theotokos maria.

    are-chi-si e-ho-te et-ve te-tay-yoat;
    e-hote ep-kahi nem coant niven ete en-khitf;
    je are-ermav empee-ref-soant.

    entho ghar alee-thos pee-ma en-shelet en-katharos;
    ente ?peshes? pee-nem fios;
    kata nee-es-mee em ep-ro-feetee-kon;

    ari ep-res-ve-vin e-ehriee e-goan;
    oa ten chois en-need tee-ren en-ti-the-o-tokos;
    maria ethmav en ?eesous pi ekhristos?;
    entef ka nen novi nan evol.
  • Thanks alot guys.. u all helped alot!! and dont worry english-coptic is still ok...... but again if someone has it in arabic please post it..
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