Did anyone here use the islam.com forum b4?

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Did anyone use the islam.com forum b4??


  • i dont think many people have
    ill try it tell you what i think about it.
    personally i have been very interested in the islamic religion- ive read so much about it i can get up and give a 40 minute talk on FACTS lol

    it amazes me- it is the fastest growing religion yet it is based on a pack of lies. v sad
  • It is based on lies but it'not growing that fast!!! Islam is pretty sad!!!

  • i dont think i should get started on islam coz well i wont stop lol

    Defender there are some good books:

    sold- (ILL FIND out the author)
    Princess- Jean Sasson
    Daughters Of Arabia- Jean Sasson
    Princess Sultana's Circle- Jean Sasson
    Not Without My Daughter- Betty Mahmoody
    My Forbidden Face- Latifa
    Forbidden Love- Norma Khoury

    the first is an autobiography about a muslim girl living in england who gets sold to a man and gets 'forced' to live with him in his home town
    the second, third and fourth are biographies about A PRINCESSES life (saudi arabia)
    the last one is in regards to honour killings

    if you want to seriously learn about hte religion attend a theological college (or) there are some books (i.e islamic invasion, the truth abou the Koran) that are REALLY good

    god bless
  • Christos Anesti!!!

    We live in a world that reminds us this is not our home.
    If it was our home the world would recognize Jesus Christ as Lord:" He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him...(John 1:10)." Thus it is natural for many to fall for lies and deceptions becuase we all are sick! The difference is that Christians are recovering sin addicts (addiction is a spiritual disease) and non-believers are practicing sin addicts. We all are sick but thanks be to God He sent His Son to be our Medicine and Doctor... " And the Word became flesh (literal translation: 'pitched His tent among us'- isn't that sooo cool!) and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory,...." Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick ...John1:14 and Matthew 9:12 respsectively) and becuase He so much loved the world (John 3:16-17) and yet the world still rejects Him!

    The mercy of our God is awesome! So let us not lose hope nor despair becuase the Lord said the world would hate us becuase it hates Him but don't fret...He has overcome the world ( John 15:18-19)!" Heresies and false religion come and go like a bad toothache. Let us live and serve our Lord one day at a time, loving one another as evidence that we are His...."By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another...John 13:35 ".

    P.S. Please pray for this big gamuz. Thank you!

    Al Masiah Kam!!!
  • hey u guys
    if u guys read my extra extra extra long post in the catholic persecution thread, i got all that info from a great book called "Islam Unveiled" by Abdullah al Araby
    i had to read it for a competition in philly (for church) and found it VERY VERY VERY useful!
    its an amazing book and a very! easy read, i reccomend it to all... it's excellent!
  • Cool, I'll read it and probably copy any important info, thanks!

  • So guys, post what u think about islam!!

  • check out the Catholic Persecution thread... i summed what i can up in there... lol
    (forgive me for my LONGGGGG posts) lol
  • Ok...lol

  • I just went to this site right now. Lol, its hilarious. THere's a match-making section for muslims. You can click to do a search with photos.. the funny thing is.. they all put up photos of themselves wearing hijabs. All the pictures look the same, the only thing that's different between one girl and the other is the colour of the hijab. HHAHAHA
  • Guys this topic was created in 2004, most of which people that aren't even active on this site anymore, lets please not to try to resurrect topics that are this old and will serve no purpose.
  • Instead of denigrating Islam, let us pray for Muslims, and that we would be a better witness to them, sharing the Gospel of Christ in love. Let us remember that Islam has had some great models of faith and piety, that there had been sincere Muslims, and unfortunately, because we refused to allow the Holy Ghost to work in us, some of these Muslims had not even heard about Christ.

    The increase of sincere people in heretical religions and evil religions, like JW, 7DA, LDS, Pentecostalism, Spiritualism, Buddhism and Islam is the failure of us and our fathers to put on Christ.

    In Islam, it is said that "Christianity is the religion of angels, and Islam the religion of men." Wow. This is true, but is our Christianity this Christianity? If we are living like them, then our Christianity must be distorted; we must search deeper into the Bible. The Bible calls us to be holy, to put on Christ, to forsake the lusts of this world! No wonder it is said Christianity is "the religion of angels".

    If we are going to point out the heresies of Islam, let us say them with the discussion about how then we are going to help the sincere Muslims understand the truth from these heresies. If we are called to admonish other Christians for edification, do you not think that we should do likewise to the heterodox and non-believers? St. Paul did not go to the Gentiles and attack them, though he did point out the futileness of Idolatry (and even then he praised them for being religious), but he explained the ministry of God. Those who God had softened their hearts, accepted the message.

    So, please do not learn the arguments of this book to destroy Islam, but to understand Islam so that you understand how to interact with him or her.

    Whilst some people convert due to Intellectual inquiry, scientific inquiry and other social events; the sincere people looking for God will know Christ when they see us and our love for one another- it is in this way Christ said that people will know that we are His disciples.
  • Very well said clay,

    I agree, our focus shouldn't be on how to attack islam and destroy it, but on how to be better christians ourselves... When people see the light of the world, they will come to it and wish to be enlightened. Christ told us that we're the light of the world. So the best thing to do is to let our light shine in the world for the glory of our Lord's name.

    God Bless
    Plz pray for me and all those people who are still in the darkness
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