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hey, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any websites where i can find the poetry of HH Pope Shenouda III?
(in english)


  • I never knew H.H. writes poems!!! ???
  • Whoa!! H.H. writes poems?! Awesome. Well, after all, he was an english teacher.
  • H.H. was an English teacher??? ???

  • haha... there's A LOT we don't know about the HH, but does anyone know of any websites?
  • Nope. I wish I could meet H.H. and atually talk to him!

    Pray 4 me!

  • any replies to this please....? :-\
  • Hey did you guys know that H.H. have memorized over 10,000 Poem stanza.

    By the way, I couldn't find any poems for H.H.


  • hay SMS :)
    there is actually a site i know
    www.christianpoems.com it has good christian poems i havent been there b4 but i heard of it go on n check if there is anything by HH

    hope it helped
  • hi all,

    Funny all of you didn't know that HH wrote poetry ;D ;D ;D, he has books of them.

    Did you try his website : http://www.copticpope.org/
  • haha
    thanx peet, i didnt try that
    and thanx nardin, thats a good website!
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