FREEDOM in the Coptic Orthodox Church

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does anyone know any sites or know anything about the views of the coptic orthodox church on freedom,



  • Hey Andrew, How's it going?

    Well, there's an awesome book by H.H. Pope Shenoda III, It has a complete chapter that talks about freedom, the book is called [glow=red,2,300]Ten Concepts[/glow]

    There's the link of where u can read it online or print it:

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Andrew,

    I would love to help... but i am not sure what you mean by "FREEDOM".

    Do you mean the Coptic Orthodox View on our "free will" - meaning how "free" we are to do what we want? or what?

    If that's what you're interested in...then the Book suggested by "Defender": Ten Concepts written by H.H Pope Shenouda III is a great resource.

    (Chapter 2 is called: "The Conept of Freedom")

    Basically, from my weak understanding:

    God created all human beings with a free will to do as we please... We have a choice to do good or evil.

    Because we have been given this freedom, there must also come responsibility and accountability for our actions. That is why in our judgement, we cannot say that we didn't have a choice... If we had not been created free, then God could not Judge us for our actions!

    We cannot use this "freedom" to disturb other people's freedom! If we were to go around doing WHATEVER we pleased, and not exhibiting self-control, then we are not really FREE! Instead we are allowing our carnal desires and lusts rule over our bodies, hence our minds are made useless.

    I beleive the greatest thing we can do with this Freedom is to get closer to God and LOVE Him. For if we LOVE God, and pray to Him because WE WANT TO, then God will fill our lives with His blessings.

    Hope that helps a bit...

    Please pray for my weakness
    God Bless You

  • There's also an article by H.H. in last month's St. Anthony magazine (the one from the monastery). I can scan later this weekend and send it to you if you like.

    Let me know
  • Could u plz scan it, coz I live in Winnipeg and we never get this magazine!!!


  • hello all who sent to me you all got the right idea i have looked at all the resorses u gave me and it was really great
  • Hope we helped!!

  • Thankyou Andrew for your kind words, we are all here to help each other... God Bless You

    Also... fhhanna,

    I am not sure i know which magazine that is! I would really like to see what it is, or even just the article... i hope i'm not troubling you, but if you can scan it that would be great. Thankyou very much.

    God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • Sometimes, freedom can lead to captivity! Only the kind of freedom that has anything to do with the flesh and not the spirit, usually leads to captivity, don't ya guys think?

  • I'll post it by tomorrow :)

    Thanks for your patience
  • Ok thanks

    Pray 4 me!

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