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Hello all... i'm going through a really tough time at the moment...and on top of that i also have my final exams for high school coming up next week!!! I feel as though God has forgotten me :'( May i ask you guys to remember me in your prayers and to ask Our Lord Jesus Christ to remember those who need His guidance and His patience...

Thank You

God Bless You All


  • I feel as though God has forgotten me

    God has not forgotten you; as with St Anthony the Great, He simply sees that you are doing so well on your own, even if you may think otehrwise (God knows you better than you know yourself), and thus He sees no need to intervene, for to do so, would be to deprive you of the blessings you incur upon yourself the more you strive in patience and with trust. He will step in at just the right time, once His will is satisified.

    I'll pray for you; remember to pray for me also.

  • Thanx for that Iqbal... i really appreciate it...
    I will remember u in my prayers
    God Bless You
  • Hi Coptic21,
    Ahhh! exams... :oi know it's a pain buuuut luckely while on i found this verse that saved me from an anxiety attack....and it's all i thought about before, during, and after my exams...

    "Blessed be the Lord, my help, who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war." Psalm 143:1

    take care and God Bless!

  • wow anaziz...that is such a beautiful verse... thanx for that... i don't think i'll forget it..

    God Bless You
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