I just have a question about "el asfar el ma7zofa"...I have no idea what they are called in English...I think they are called.."the lost bible" or something like that...I am not really sure....but if you know what I am talking about...I just need to know why were they taking out of the bible...and other intersting facts about them...thanks


  • i think you're talking about the lost books, the ones that are referred to in the da vinci code? if thats what you're asking about there was a thread about them a while ago on here...
  • well i am not sure if the translation of "el azfar el ma7zofa" is the same as the lost books of the bible and I don't think they were mentioned in the Da Vinci code...but i wouldn't knw since i didn't even read it...but anyway what i am talking about are books of the bible that were taking out I guess from the old testament a few centuries ago, so ya i was just asking for the reason why they were taking out.
  • oh, thats definitely not what I was talking about...
  • The Deuterocanon books are a part of the Holy Bible.. The Protestants removed them from the Bible saying they were not the word of God, Although there are many evidences and historical proofs to verify them! The Orthodox and Catholic Churches believe in them.
  • its basically because th bibles that we use now are protestans and the protestians dont believe inthose books..
  • Thanks Safaa and others...and thanks for the website too...that really helped
  • I am glad you found the answer, may God bless.
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