Is this True?

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Hello all... i've heard that before one becomes a sunday school teacher they MUST read the Holy Bible from the first page to the this true? because i plan to take on sunday school teaching as soon as yr 12 is over and i finish with my exams.... but i'm not sure that i could read the whole Bible and know it inside out and i don't know if i would remember everything written!!!
let me know what u guys think/know...

God Bless


  • Coptic21,

    Being a Sunday school teacher is a responsibility towards the spiritual lives of those to whom you are given care of.

    You should certainly know your Bible, and given that we are Orthodox Christians, you should know the Tradition of the Church as it is defined beyond the Bible even. In my opinion, if your Church merely expects you to know the Bible, they are not taking the service seriously enough.

    If you truly want to be a Sunday school teacher for the right reasons, then reading the entirety of your Bible is the least you could do in my honest opinion.

    If you are a serious Orthodox Christian, you should not only read your Bible as you are expected, but you should in fact consult the one responsible for Sunday school service prep. and ask him or her why Sunday school servants for the Orthodox Church are being prepared like Protestants – expected only to have read their Bible?

    This is my opinion on the matter; take or leave it as you will.

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