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Hey everyone... as u mite all gather...i haven't done this before because i'm new...so plz be patient with my lack of knowledge.
i have a question i'm not sure how to make it make sense but here it goes...
say u have a friend, ur very close to this friend of urs but at the same time they trouble you...u feel as though wenever u are around this person they trigger temptations that the temper sets for us...wat do u do? do u a) stop seeing this person although its going to hurt their feelings, which i don't think is right to do or b) just completly avoid this person because u know that talking about it won't help the situation...?
thanx guyz...any advice would be great!

take care and God Bless You all!
Coptic21- ur sister from down under...aka perth. western australia!


  • How 'bout telling your father confessor? I mean...he's the most person who knows you anyways! If yuo don't have one...plz do! For many reasons (long stpry) but one of the minor ones is he's gonna be a friend that'll help you out in all this....

    Exactly what are these temptations? Don't answer here, of course...answer to yourself firmly...take a stance...remember...it's great that you feel for people...but whatever happens....your eternity with God and the his children the Saints is ETERNALLY more important than anything else...ANYTHING...even yourself....ok?

    Pray for your salvation from any type of temptation...and we'll go along too :)

    Remember your father confessor is CRITICAL to this...

    In HIS Name,

  • welcome 2 the site coptic21 :)

    well, in my opinion i think u should like leave ur friend as it says in one of the epistles but i can't remember it really it's talking about friends of evil and friends of good if some1 can help here?
  • "Bad friendship spoils good manners." This is not the exact translation, bas I know it in Arabic...sorry :-[

    Hey Coptic21...welcome...sorry I didn't say that before....:)
  • Dear Coptic21,
    First of all, WELCOME to tasbeha.org, it's great to know that tasbeha.org member list is growing with the help of our Savior, second of all, I would like to say that if you think that this person is making you fall into temptation, it's your decision whether or not, you want to be their friend, third of all, what do you think Jesus would do in this situation, like pretend Jesus is you, what would he do, fourth of all, what do you think is the reason they are doing this to you? well, that's all I got to say!

    Coptic Servent
  • "Bad friendship spoils good manners." This is not the exact translation, bas I know it in Arabic...sorry

    Hey Coptic21...welcome...sorry I didn't say that before....:)

    do you know where exactly it is plz? tell me in arabic i don't mind and i'll try 2 get it, and thnx :)
  • "Al Moo3asharat al Radee2a Toofsed el Akhlaak El Gayeda."

    IN HIS Name,

  • Hey coptic21, welcome to the site
    I personally think that you should try talking to that person first....maybe tell him/her what certain things they do that bother you or tempt you and see if maybe they won't do it around you anymore or even better try to get that person to stop those certain things.....but if you think that you might give in to those temptations and instead of influencing them, the opposite would happen and they would influence you then I think you should probably stay away from that person for a while until you figure out a certain solution
    and I agree with the rest on talking to your father of confession because besides knowing you the best, he also knows what's best for you
    God Bless You
  • i mean which epistle is it in? it's in the new testament rit?
  • Ya it is....which one of Paul's Epistles....no idea...I read that particular epistle a long time ago...

    In HIS Name,

  • i'll try 2 find it ::)
  • Hey everyone... thanx a lot for your advice... its helped me heaps!!!

    God Bless
  • 1 Corinthians 15:33.

    Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”


    Proverbs 13:20.

    He who walks with wise men will be wise,
    But the companion of fools will be destroyed.
  • wow goodjob ;)
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