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Hey :D
I was just wondering, one of many topics ::), about vegeterians
I mean i know some coptic vegeterians who just dont have a taste for meat anymore... and u know that verse that says "I have given you all these animals..." you all should know by now i dont have my verses down word for word (apparantly!)
so my question is: is it okay to be vegeterian?


  • Gen 9:1-3

    "So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the earth, on every bird of the air, on all that move on the earth, and on all the fish of the sea. They are given into your hand. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you.""

    That’s right! Kill those animals and eat 'em up! If you can't tell, I’m quite the carnivore ;D ;D
  • lolol, as am i.

    - Chris
  • As am I... im not a PeTA (sry Mark! lol) haha
    o and u guys, really
    thanx for answering the question... haha
    now if anyone else has anything to say
    I thank you
    Sincerely Yours,
    The Carnivores
    :D :P
  • The truth of the matter is, these animals are gifts from god. I personally feel we shouldn’t reject these gifts. While people in America sit and say they don’t like meat, there is some starving child in Egypt who doesn’t even know what meat taste like, maybe not even milk. If god gives you the chance to have meat, take it. I’d love to throw a vegan on an island and watch them slaughter anything on that island once hunger sets in. they can say “save the animals, meat is murder!” all they’d like. Once people feel REAL hunger, they are all the same and will do anything to survive.

    Anyway those are my opinions. As for some facts, I do not think it’s a sin, but I’m not exactly sure.

  • hahahhaha
    i get ur point mark... ( i think anyone that knows u does!) lol
    butttttt what if someone wants to be vegetarian because they have no desire to eat it?
  • this is making me hungry... gonna go get some burgers or

    - Chris
  • Im actually a vegeterian, not that i stoped eating years ago but because i was born like that. I just cant eat it, everytime i try, my stomach reject it.
    Thats why im having less proteins in my body which causes my hair to fall and my skin to dry and my nails weak.

    p.s. i eat dairy tho. :)
  • i'm not talking if someone has a medical problem and their bodies just dont accept poultry
    i mean if u like it, maybe even love it, but when u eat it, u have no desire to eat more
    like u have no urge for it
    help...someone... ???

    ps...GoDiSiNmYhEaRt, u know, there's protein bars u can eat, and lotsa vegtables where u can get ur protiens from :)
  • Well it is not wrong to be a vegetarian. I mean, Saint Paul himself said in

    Romans 8:13 "Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble."

    Well first of all, Saint Paul wouldn't do something that is wrong to save somebody else from doing something wrong. because then he would be a hypacrite. So if he would stop eating meat, then it can't be something that is wrong. Its just my contemplation. any other ideas?
  • i dont think that was what st.paul was talking about. i think he was saying that if by eating sonething, he is causing some else to sin, then he wont eat it. i also think it goes for anything else, not just food. im not sure so a second opinion would be good.
  • certainly he wasn't talking about being vegetarian and non vegetarian, but if he is willing to do something to stop somebody else from doing something wrong, then what Saint Paul was doing certainly couldn't be wrong.
  • ummm
    all i asked was whether or not it was okay to be vegeterian because u no longer felt the desire or urge to eat poultry, etc...
    not if it was a sin or not
    which btw, is it?

    and to be honest, paulh and egyprincess, i have absolutly no idea what u're trying to say :o
  • hmmm...well i reread ur question a few times now, lol, and i don't think i have the answer any more. because i don't know if it is wrong to not eat meat because u don't feel like it or u don't have an urge to. If there was a certain reason for stopping, then i could tell u if its ok or not. i mean, my example before was St. Paul offering not to eat meat, but i just realized that he only would do that to stop somebody else from falling into sin or for things around those boundaries. if its for other reasons, then i don't know what to say, maybe u should ask ur father of confession, or if anybody else has any comments about this cus i'm flat out of em. lol. sorry aboutt he confusion. i sorta confused myself a bit too. srry
  • its alll good ;) :D
  • Christos Anesti!!!

    MMMMmmm....... just having a whiff of those! Kidding aside, there's nothing wrong if u choose to become a vegetarian. If it is done for health reasons or to improve ur health it gives glory to God! St Paul tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 6:19) thus being vegetarian to improve our health is not a bad thing. We are called to take care of it. Yes,God gave all the animals to Man to eat but some Holy Fathers say that eating meat came after the Fall becuase before Adam and Eve sinned God gave them plants to eat ..."I will give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food...Genesis1:29-30 (NIV)" and Genesis 2:9. There was a harmonious realtionship between Man and creation especially with the animals Adam even named them ( Genesis 2:19-20). it was AFTER the Fall that all this changed thus we see Adam and Eve covering their nakedness with Leather skins (Genesis 3:21)!

    Plus If we remember why meat is one of the foods not allowed during Great Lent, it is becuase it affects us wholistically. Our bodies feel more sluggish at times after eating a hearty meal that included meat as the main course. This is becuase the digestive system is making the body use more energy to break down the meat which is a harder to digest than veggies. This spiritually tempts us to be lazier in our prayer life becuase we immediately want to take a nap (especially during a long rainy dayand a good KFC Thus our relationship with the Lord suffers . Mind you, this is a generalization made by some of the Holy Fathers.

    Lastly, monks and nuns dont include much if any meat in their monastic diet ( i know , i know, they are monastics and we are not-so they can do that) becuase of the last paragraph's statements about spiritual sloth and meat. Many of the desert Fathers and Mothers ate only herbs like St Anthony the Great or St Syncletike The Nun. Only if a monastic is sick then meat is permitted .

    It seems I am making a case for vegetariansim (lol) but I just wanted to clarify its ok to be a vegetarian i(f ur Confession Father suggests its ok, of course) and there are biblical and patristic supports for it. But we who live in the world depending on our jobs and responsibilities, may need to eat meat for more strength and sustenance as long its done with Holy moderation.

    P.S. Speaking about laziness and meat ..please pray for the converson of this big gamuz...ty!
  • Oh u guys will not believe it, this year we had a mock Parliment, just like a real one, one of the bills was having animal rights and punishing humans severly if they did anything to animals, the girl that wrote it is so obsessed with animals, she even said, we are all equal in God's eyes, humans and animals. I got so annoyed and I decided to annihilate that bill, I think the debate has become historical, even the Speaker was astonished by the debate led by me and her, I started by having only two votes out of sixty and ended up having around 35, but it was passed!!! >:(


    I hate animal freaks!


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