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Hey everybody! I have always wondered about something in the Bible. How can Matthew, Mark, and Luke be witnesses to the passion of the Christ is they left at the Garden of Gethsemeny? ???


  • i believe the story goes that it was handed down by word of mouth from what we consider witnesses... dont take my word for it though
  • the Bible was written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit... so wouldn't it make sense that the Truth would be written through these four...regardless of how they got their information?
  • Yeah, but how do we know that they know that really happened?
  • ok...see here's the thing... with the Holy Spirit inspiring every word... they wouldn't be ABLE to write anything that God knows isn't true... see the catch?
  • I think that we can all agree God is omnipotent. He has the ability to deliver his word to us without any difficulty. For those who tell me that the bible was written by a man. I tell them that it was written by a man, through God’s intercession. Whatever is written in the bible is what God wanted us to see. He has the ability to do whatever he wants, and clearly he wanted what is written in the bible to be written, or else he wouldn’t have let it take place.
  • u got a point
  • Hi Coptic_Avenger,

    This is a good question. And as it has been answered by many, these events were inspired by the Holy Spirit which I also believe.

    But if you need more details, I think it is not difficult to imagine that they should have known it. When Jesus walked with the 2 disciples of Emaus after His resurrection, as He was talking to them, they asked Him : How didn't you hear about these events and all people in Jerusalem are talking about it? This means that even if Mathiew, Marc, and Luc did not assist to the Crucifixion but they also should have known like all people in Jerusalem. Also they could have known from the Virgin Mary or from John the apostle, who stood under the Cross until the death of Jesus.

    Whatever the source is, we believe that it has been written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Even if they knew it from the Virgin Mary or from John the Apostle or whatever, we belive that these are just causes but the main source of the information is still the Holy Spirit.

    I hope I answered your question.

    Thank you and pray for me.

  • u guys, dont forget
    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John didnt exactly know each other
    and i even believe they lived during different time periods, yet all 4 gospels match almost exactly
    so as we have been saying, the Holy Spirit was behind all this somehow...
  • sorry SMS, but Matthew, Luke, and John were disciples together and did know each other, but yes they did write at different times in different places, for different reasons (not sure about reasons) if we argue the fact about how do we know the gospels are a witness, then we could argue how do we know if the OT is true. It all has to do with the Holy Spirit and and we just have to trust God and not question him. This is the devil playing with our heads.

    hope this helps

    pray for me
  • oooo
    sry and THANX :D
    good thing i know my bible... ;)
    (note the sarcasm plz)
  • quick reference to what egyprincess alluded to..
    each of the gospels were actually written with a different audience in mind. St. Matthew wrote to prove to the Jews that He is the Messiah of the Jews and for the Jews by proving His full humanity.. St. Mark wrote to the Romans to show them His infinite power by mentioning more miracles than any other gospel to appeal to the Roman need to relate to power and strength (grr.. romanss)... St. Luke wrote to the Gentiles and sought to show them the love of the Master and wanted them to understand the message the Christ came for them as well as the Jews... St. John wrote with the sole purpose of proving the Divinity of Christ and he accomplishes this by writing down more of Christ's references to His Unity with the Father and Holy Spirit than the author of any other gospel..
  • i thought St. Mark wrote his gospel so his school would have a book (textbook) to learn from
  • his school wasn't started until wayyy after he wrote his gospel
  • Well not everybody believed/believes that the OT is true. But the fulfillment of all the prophecies proved to them that it was all true. and the 4 authors weren't sitting together and writing about God life and passion. and they didn't talk about it, and start writing, and they weren't in the same place/time as they were writing it. yet if you put all the facts from all 4 gospels together, then you have the complete uncut version of everything that happened from all 4 points of views. Just like the prophets in the OT, the Holy Spirit gave them the "insight" on whats going on, and the Holy Spirit did the same with these 4. I may seem a little wierd, but you have to remember, nothing is hard for God, and NOTHING is impossible through the Holy Spirit.
  • it's actually not the "uncut" version...
    quick verse...

    "And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen. " John 21:25

    but i guess yea.. they do get there point across loud an clear
  • I also think that they had to know the story of the Crucifixion and all what happened and the pains and sufferings in order for them to preach. And when Thomas said that he needed to see the Marks, he obviously knew about what happened and St. John has told them all! So the other disciples told him, "We have seen the Lord!"
    But he said to them, "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it."

    Hope this helps a bit!

  • Did that help??

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