Saints Kyprianos (Cyprian) and Justina (Youstina

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
Today Tute 21 is the Marytyrdom of St.Cyprian and St. Justina. I read their story a while ago and I read it again today because it was just amazing awesome and worth it. Read their amazing story and glorify God. ... d-596.html

God bless you all.

Axios, Axios Axios, St. Kyprianos nem St. Youstina


  • yea i love st youstina :), here is a pic of her
  • :) ;) :D yes st.Kyprianos and st.Justina have a great story. My favorite part is when the Devil can't get close to St. Justina because she is so close to God.
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