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  • i don't get wat u said btw
  • bigmak is saying that there are some american movies that are fine but if you look at some egyptian movies, they are abnoxiously absurd, n i personally agree with that, some egyptian movies should not be out there for children to see...
  • in egypt they dont show the bad 1s on tv u can buy it or hire...rit?
  • well that sometimes depends, now the rekaba isnt that strict on wat can be shownon tv....
  • no idea really ???
  • I saw the movie "Hitch" in Egypt, and they censored all the bad parts. I saw it in the theatre.

    Egyptian cinemas are actually pretty advanced. You pick your seats by computer at the front desk, and you have an escort with a flash light to show you to you seat, and the movies have intermission! ;D :D

    Anyways, i don't recommend the movie, it wasn't a good use of my time.

  • okay..u guys think movies r bad in egypt and movie theatre is worse!!
    no its not at all..believe it or not they r rated movies out there!!
    and yeah there r some bad movies out there u can't even see them if u r with an older person u have to be 18 or older to watch them!!
    its not like here u can watch a reted R movie with an older person!
  • sandrahanna i was in egypt recently and you can see anything you want... i witnessed it for myself...
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=13;threadid=2556;start=30#msg42679 date=1132261387]
    sandrahanna i was in egypt recently and you can see anything you want... i witnessed it for myself...

    okay..christ4life i believe that 2 years ago when i was in egypt there was that movie(forgot the name)it was really scary and it was written under it not for 17 or younger in 3 diff. languages!!!!
  • I'll give u the answer to that when i stop hibernating in my room *grumbles* lol... I miss my tv and movies! Why oh why cant we drop out of school and live under a bridge! Oh the injustice! lol....

    And now for some serious words...Watch anything you want, provided it will not cause you to think or do anything inappropriate or against our valuable Christian teachings :D It's all based on your judgement, I presume you all know whats right from wrong so just go with it :)

    take care,
  • thank you for that!

    i completely agree and back you up...
  • believe it or not, G and PG can be very bad as well

    wait G and PG movies r okay because they r suppose to be for kids to watch!!
  • ;D ;Din egypt its a messs here its gay one time here they let me and my frnds go to a rated r movie ;D jet lee unleashed
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