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i for one totally love this website, its helpped me learn heaps, answered many questions, and helpped me understand the concept of our faith better...

what do you think?


  • i couldnt agree with u more
    except for the fact that this is the most addicting website ever!
  • this really is an amazing site...but i gotta admit tho...it is pretty addictive..lol. but it helped me in a lot of things...i love the selection of alhan on the site. For all the administrators, keep it up.
  • i absolutely love it..its addicting but not in a bad way...probably the best thing to be addiced to lol... and yes event hough i ahevtn met or talekd to all of you personally i do beleive everyone here to be a great person you've been a great help and even if u didnt absolutely answer ymy wuestions.. i know you all tried and hey..its the thought that counts! keep it up!!
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=1;threadid=255;start=0#msg8853 date=1092708732]
    But people never respond to my posts, and i know they try, but it still doesn't help sometimes.... Can more epopel respond to my posts plz cuz i seriously need help with some of those issues

    ill try my best to help u out with ur posts, but plz dont rely on me, cause after all wat wood i know...

    ps. thnx for the kind words, but im sure we all know that was a white lie, ur the bestest :)
  • we all know ur just tryin to make me feel betta cause im not as intelligent spiritually as the rest of u...
    but thanx it means alot.
  • i gotta admit, this site is pretty cool. BUT DEFINATELY ADDICTIVE lol.
  • I LOVE tasbeha ;)
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