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I started talking to this girl and really like her and everything was going fine until one day she told me that her parents would not approve of us getting married because I don't have a BA degree. I do have a successful business making more money than doctors or lawyers yet to them it is more important to have a degree so we stopped talking to each other recently and now I feel broken and bad like I am not good enough. What would you guys do in this situation or what do you recommend for me to do? Please give advice I would appreciate it. By the way we are both ready for marriage mid 20's.....



  • well u can always just get a B.A. degree from a community college cant u?
  • Thats not the point i want them to like me for me not cause i have a ba or not
  • well if u get a B.A. degree they will see and so will the girl that shes important to u and u are willing to do watever u have to, to be considered worthy of her! then they will want to get to know the man who has shown he cares for their daughter ;D

  • yea that happened with my brother lool.... he entered college and now they're married and he's thinking of dropping

    but u dont want to do that (my brother's unusual). i agree with Taio, if they see u care to the point that you're willing to do anything for her, then they will accept you

    how about getting a business degree? that professional stuff really helps....
  • Look Conqueror, getting rejected by someone it might lower your self-esteem, you still need to stay stong...with the faith of God...but make sure to study hard to have the BA degree...MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!
  • Have you actually met her parents yet???? Maybe if u go and talk with her parents and show them that you really care for their daughter and that you're serious about marriage and all and that you're a good guy, they might change their mind about the BA thing because school is not for everyone!!!!! (You can try to talk to your father of confession and see what he thinks?) and of course you should be praying about it.....
  • Thanks for that advice Rina maybe i should talk to her parents and my foc. Her parents new we were talking but they dont know that i dont have a degree.
  • Good luck with everything and I'm glad I helped, keep us updated as to what happens.....
  • God's will..obviously, she's not for you. Just try moving on and keep praying for guidance.
  • I wouldn't give up so quickly.
  • I agree with Christ4Life, I'm sorry ServantofJesus, but seriously he needs more encouragement!
  • GO Conqueror ,GO Conqueror ,GO Conqueror !!!! lol :P

    No seriously, talk to your FOC, talk to your parents, talk to HER parents...maybe she just uses her parents as an excuse to get rid of you, and that's not a proper way. (sorry for being harsh, but you get my point, right) And if her parents really won't let you marry her, then khalaas, that's God's will...but if you're willing to study for her I'm sure her parents will appreciate that...Rabena Ma3ek... And rembember:

    1 Thess. 5 : 16 and further
    16 Rejoice evermore. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

    Keep praying...
  • hey.. ok i think everything happends for a reason n maybe God put this in ur way cuz he didnt want u guys to get married.. maybe this isnt the girl he had in mind for u... so i guess take the signs... i think her parents should accept u for who u r.. money doesnt make a good loving husband...

  • I agree that everything happens for a reason, but we can't use that for everything that goes wrong in our lives or else we won't get anywhere. If I understood Conquerer right, it seems like he still has more than one chance to try to be with this girl and he shouldn't give up now, it's too early to do that, he needs to keep trying.
  • I agree. You shouldn't fall by the first stone thrown at you. Talk to her parents, talk to yours, and most importantly talk to your and her FOCs...
  • also consider this:

    [glow=red,2,300]There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven" ECCLESIATES 3:1[/glow]
  • wow...this is serious stuff conqueror

    well ive read everything so far n i think you should combine every advice given to you.............

    firstly talk 2 FOC n make sure she talks to FOC n before u n da folks go into major disagreements talk 2 ur misses (a real talk) about if it is worth the risk or if it is worth going back to college or if you will stand besides each other once parents agree but first of all have a real talk between u n god n see if u r ready....if you really want to be 1 with her for real (n i mean REAL REAL love) then she is worth more than a couple of years of study) then once u have successfully done alot of chatting and decision making u should confront the folks and see their side of the story and bring yourself into agreement with them through either making them satisfied or showing them that money is not the only characteristic they should look for when choosing a husband for their daughter (in the nicest way posible plz)

    so there u have it...however im not old enough to be advising for humans lives to be affected through my advice (however i may have brought a unique angle to ur side of the story 8)) ...i urge you to talk to ur FOC before making any dicisions....this is serious stuff :o

    thanx, MARINA
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