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if anyone was something to say that'll be great. I want to learn and tell about the real christian life. I think we need a administrator's help on this one. Thanks guys!

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  • I made this chart hope you enjoy!

    12 ways of being a good coptic christian!
  • coptic servant, can u explain wat

    BLESSED means, i dont get wat u mean
  • decent practically means you need to be trustive and decent in your sayings like your trustworthy, guidance means you know your path or road to the right coptic faith, blessed partially mean you are baptized
  • do the right thing and god well help u more and more

    i read this thing that said `` look at the end of the saints ,, we should copy their faith``
  • to me a real christian is the one, when pple look at or talk to will say in their minds, you know wat this kid / person is truley a son/ daughter of christ. a real christian does good deeds and helps who evr needs it, wether its a friend or enemy. a real christian is teh one who depends on god and doenst question god's ways and impact on his / her life. and a real christian wood nevr let go of christ's hand no matter what. and above all isnt ashamed to say I cant do this / or i cant do that because its againt my religion, or because I AM A CHRISTIAN. umm hope i helped. luv u all

  • good one!! ;D
  • thanks but some people say there catholic and then they start drinking, vice versa, tatoos, my point is, how can they be catholics and do all this stuff :}
  • good question. we take orthodox [the name] and we give it a meaning. so we pray, go to church etc etc etc. and we show that we are ORTHODOX and we believe in christ. the word ORTHODOX means a lot to us

    [not to judge or anything] some catholics juss say they r catholic bcuz of the name itself. yet they dont do wat it means. like prayer.... etc etc etc and they tend to not care because the word catholic doesnt mean nythin 2 them. so they'll drink... smoke w/e they might do and say they r catholic cuz the word CATHOLIC or CHRISTIANITY means nuttin 2 them

    --CHIPSY :P
  • helped a lot, but now im wondering what does orthodox mean, and what does catholic mean
  • The word orthodox means straight, or not shaken. The orthodox church has been on the same basic faith for centuries with little or no change to the doctrines.
    Im guessing since we say the creed, "in the one holy Catholic (apostolic) church" that the word catholic really means apostolic.

  • Catholic here means united as one. lol.

  • Good point though. Anba David gave us a sermon about it before.

  • oops :-[
    but i took a good guess though ;D
  • Awesome guess. lol
    I asked a priestm that's the only reason. If anyone knows better or can add something, be my guest.

  • in ONE holy catholic and apostllic church :-\ so cathilic does mean 1 as in christians are cathlics
  • actually, john i think its the other way around. All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are catholics.
  • there have been a lot of heresies and reformations that led ppl astray in the history of the catholic church so after the protestant reformation and the 30 years war new sects like babtist, lutheran, calvininst,etc emerged seperating the catholic church. the orthodox however were on their own a while before due to previous heresies.
    in my opinion, a good christian stands out for reasons that others may not be able to explain but of course its the holy spirit.
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