Europian Youth Convention

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To all my brothers and sisters from Europe:

Who went to the Convention in Germany? And wat did you think of it??

I loved it, and tasbeha with anba Pimen was soooo great, really awsome, may God bless him an all the other Bishops who were there.

GBU, Irini

PS: these are all the Bishops who went, but anba Botros ain't on the picture, cuz he left the first day :(
From left to right: Anba Stefanos, Anba Daniel (I might be wrong with this one :-\, Plz forgive), Anba Pimen, Anba Moussa, Anba Antonios Markus, Anba Damian and Anba Angelos.


  • hey i think that was exciting
    i hope that i can have the chance to go anywhere :'( ::), but i wanna ask ???ppl from which churches where there?
    were there any ppl from UK?
  • that looks exciting!!i hope i was there!!so for people who went was it fun??i wanna know!!
  • were there any ppl from UK?

    Yea, they went with anba Angelos.

    ppl from which churches where there?

    LOL, I don't know exactly, there were so much youth there. Let's see if I can remember the countries:

    The UK (ireland, scotland and britain)
    Luxembourg (well, 2 persons lol)
    and the guys from Greece weren't there this year.

    If I'm wrong, feel free to correct.
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