deacon responces

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hay guys i was wondering if ne of u can tell me where i can find the deacon rasponces for the Gregorian liturgy there r a cupple of them on this site but there is onli lik 5 or 6 of them i want more cuz im tryin 2 learn them


  • sorri i ment deacons in the alter responses if ne 1 got ne thing elese
  • I'm not sure of a good site where you can find all of them but my brotherrecently bought this cd fromthe monastery called St. gregory the theologian mass by Fr. ANthony Hanna priest of st. mary and st. mina Coptic Orthodox church Concord, California... It has all the responses if you are able to purchase it.. the priests and descons vioces are AMAZINGG!!
    God bless
    -sandra A .
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