Khen Oshot

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I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the hymn Khen Oshot in thte middle of the 1st hoos in english. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.


  • Hey bido,
    You can find that here:,_Coptic_Midnight_Praises/Part_1

    This isn't the only one on the site, there are others. If you don't like this one, ask for a different one, and I'll be glad to show you where to locate it.

    I lied down and slept and I rose for the Lord sustained me.
    - Chris
  • Im sorry bido,
    I provided you with the wrong link. Its for the coptic version. I'll send you the accurate one, if I can find it. Sorry again! :-[

    Hail to His Resurrection: He, Who has risen from the dead: in order to save us: from our sins.
    - Chris
  • Bido,
    Here is the link you're looking for. Sorry about the first one.,%20JC,%20NJ,%20English%20Midnight%20Praises.html


    Our Lord Jesus Christ: Who was placed in the tomb: trample for us: the thorn of death.
    - Chris
  • Thank you Banoub, but sorry. I was looking for the long version of khen oshot in english, not the short, i know they have the short version on the St. Anthony Monastery CD, but I wanted the Long version. I kow a couple of cchruches in flordia go by the long way in english, but again, thank you.
  • I've never heard it before in english, and i don't think its any where on this site. If anybody has it or finds it, please pass on the link or try to upload it, i'd love to hear it
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