What happened to Pontius Pilot ??

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hey i was wondering wat happened to pontius pilot after Christ Death i heard many diffrent answers b4 and i dont know wat actually happend to him plzz right me Back

Thankx and bless


  • Hi Beshoy,

    That's a very interesting question. In fact, there are many stories about Pontius Pilate but none of them is recorded in the Bible so it could be just legends. The 2 most famous stories are :

    First story:
    Pontius Pilate believed secretly in Jesus and became Christian sometime after the death of Jesus Christ, through the influence of his wife Claudia. Pilate and Claudia became Saints.

    Second story:
    Claudia is commemorated as a Saint, but not Pilate, because in the Gospel accounts Claudia urged Pilate to have nothing to do with Jesus. In some Churches traditions, Pilate committed suicide out of remorse for having sentenced Jesus to death. Other details come from less respectable sources. After his suicide, his body was thrown first into the Tiber, but the waters were so disturbed by evil spirits that the body was taken to Vienne and sunk in the Rhone: a monument at Vienne, called Pilate's tomb, is still to be seen. As the waters of the Rhone likewise rejected Pilate's corpse, it was again removed and sunk in the lake at Lausanne. Its final disposition was in a deep and lonely mountain tarn, which, according to later tradition, was on a mountain, still called Pilatus (actually pileatus or 'cloud-capped'), close to Lucerne. Every Good Friday the body re-emerges from the waters and washes its hands.

    These are just legends but there is nothing official or Christian which states anything about the fate of Pontius Pilate.

    But I think it is very probable that he believed in Jesus exactly like the centurion who pierced Him believed and then was martyred in the name of Christ and became a Saint. And the Coptic Orthodox church celebrates Him as a Saint.

    If someone else has more details they can share it with us.

    Thank you and pray for me.

  • KF,
    that story is interesting...very spooky.

    Look, hearken to me, o Lord my God: enlighten my eyes, lest I sleep in death.
    - Chris
  • well i heard that he believed and the rulers found out and they crucified but i dont think thats true it might be but i dunno
  • thats a good question beshoy. But here is an addition to that question. How will he be judged by God? We know that it was prophsized against him, and that he washed his hands to be innocent of Jesus' Life. So is he guilty or not? ???
  • Let’s not forget that the whole purpose of God sending Jesus was only so that he could be crucified and cleanse our sins.
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