another new member...

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hi everyone, i just wanted to say hi. And that this is a great site! :D


    your sister in Christ, monica
  • hay welcome GBU by the way i reely luv ur name coz thas all i ever do

    GB ALL
  • Hey to all awesome members of this site.. My name is Mina from Ephrata Pennsylvania.. I find this website an excellent way to share thoughts and ideas, and get to know more friends.. You all have a great day
  • Welcome Mina. Enjoy it here :)
  • Welcome Mina PA,

    We are all delighted to having you with the family of tasbiha, May God bless you.
  • hey, welcome to the site.
  • welcome!! And BTW, i love how you said " Have a nice day''.... aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww, well it's nighttime now, but tomorrow i will ;D
    Welcome can't wait 2 read ur posts!
  • welcome have fun in this addictive site
  • I know its a bit late... but welcome
  • welcome!!!! ;D :D ;) :)
  • Welcome t othe site, we hope to hear your good advice, May God Bless You
  • how many keep.smiling do we have????? :-\ :-\

  • Welcome


    I like this verse which is why I like your user name

    Smile God Loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Her every body i am New!
    I liked the topics on this site so i wanted to join!
    Keep the Peace
    Mer Mer
  • Hey marina,
  • Welcome PA, hope to hear from you soon!
  • LoL yea Thats me
    Mer Mer AkA GF
  • incase you don't know who i am, i am mina a sinner.
    so i hope you guys would let me join your topics, so i could learn from you guys.

    ps. when i say guys, i don't mean males, i mean everyone.
  • Welcome mina, hope to hear from you often!
  • Hi Mina! I hope you enjoy this site, it IS addictive!! ::)
  • What does GF stand for
    And BTW, welcome
  • welcome both of u!! :) looking 4ward to hear from you!!


  • welcome all, hope you like it here :) ;D 8)
  • yer im new n this site is very u think being here would be regarded as giving time to GOD n like real time like instead of praising him or like readen a book about GOD
  • ok i've thought about that question before and I came to this conclusion, does it matter? do you count the time you spend with god? just give him as much as you can, even if its one minute. if its out of your heart, and your giving it with your own free will, God will consider it a million years.
  • when GOD said give me ur tiths.......he just didnt mean give me a 1oth of ur money only but a tenth of ur time as well........

    so i can be satistifed that i am definetly giving him the tith of my time....would ths site be counted...whateva im talken bout?
  • Not everything in the Bible is to be taken literally. God just wants to see that you care. That you are putting him before everything. Are you giving him all the time you can? God wants to see that you are putting him first in your life and everything second. As long as you do that, you're fine. (btw, dont take it i do this, i should be the last one to talk)
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