• Coptic-Servent, don't get upset, 7a'ik 3alaya...and DON'T be sorry, you haven't said anything wrong sweety.

  • [quote author=Johannes(John) link=board=13;threadid=2231;start=60#msg35282 date=1124474884]
    of course i wanna die, duh

    Then u wouldnt mind if i u die early?

    yea Copic irene that was a threat
  • [quote author=Johannes(John)
    mind ur own ******

    was this a swear?
  • HIV can be caused my using needles that haven't been steralized or by maybe drinking something from the same cup as some1 else with HIV, kissing can also lead to HIV if the person has it. The effect might be yellow spots around your skin, difficulty breathing, itchy throut, skin feeling slimy, taste buds functioning differently, loss of weight, you might end up anorexic ( i duno if i spelt that right). In the end it will effect your immune system and eventually you will die.

    Peace to my homies!!
  • [quote author=Monica101 link=board=13;threadid=2231;start=75#msg35555 date=1124756432]
    Peace to my homies!!

    YEAH! SHIZZLE THE NIZZLE YO! lOl i love ghetto people!
  • I'm surprised at all the misinformation being touted here as fact.

    Truth is AIDS can be transmitted through blood, sexual contact, and intervenous drug use. It is nearly impossible to get AIDS through saliva.

    While it is true that a baby and his mother are connected in the womb, if tested early AIDS can be prevented from spreading to the child. Also, a mother and child do not share their blood - didn't you ever notice that most people have a different blood type and Rh than their mother?

    There are also many people who have got AIDS through blood tranfusions, medical procedures and because of adulterous spouses who brought it home - you can't blame these people who contracted AIDS through no fault of their own.
  • john and marina cool it down all right. khallas everything's over ok... these are supposed to be Christian forums. I mean what if some1 wanted to convert n they want on this website to see what we are like and they find u 2 bickering? do you want to carry the weight of that be4 God? i know you dont cause i dont, so everything's ok, nobody mad at anybody, mashy? yalla smile... :) :D lol...
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