HCOC Sale!

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Ok everyone! Spread the news far and wide: there's a 20% off sale for all online orders of HCOC productions! You're all hymns fans, so take this opportunity to get these CDs to learn and tell others as well, to spread the beautiful hymns of the church!



  • It stands for the heritage of the coptic orthodox church
  • The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church is a choir based in Mississauga, ON, Canada that aims at preserving all the rites and hymns of the Church, using the most accurate sources for the hymns, primarily those from the recordings of Mo'allim Mikhail the Great. You can always visit our website for more details: www.copticheritage.org
  • is their online buying and is there free shipping and handling?
  • Agape,

    Just a quick reminder: the sale is nearly getting over! Please help spread the word!

  • Sadati, anisati sadati (My lords and the ladies of my lords),

    I wish to inform all of you that there remains 24 hours from the writing of this post for the SALE on the HCOC Productions.

    Yes, that means the 20% off is ending TODAY!

    And yes, you need to hurry... or else you'll have to worry!
  • yeh, ladies and gentle men: c'mon here everythin' you'll need u'll find here :)
    [move]hurry up sale must end sooooooooooooon[/move]

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