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Hello to all,
yesterday night I was watching a program on children in poor places with cleft lips or cleft pallets or both, there parents can't afford to pay for surgery so if your name or your child's name is called operation smile operates on your child or you there name got called up for this program than people in the US will try there best to pay the fee $240 and the program is called Operation Smile please if you can help pray for all these children or in the box in your church to give at least a dime like God said give .10% of your money to the poor


  • where did you watch that again????sorry!!
  • i really can't tell if that program is really want to help or just to get money??most of the programs are like stealing money from people!
  • Yea! I saw that too its sooo sad :'(. My cousin's baby was born with a cleft lip and got the operation done thank God. I hope all those little children will be as fortunate. Remember them n ur prayers.
  • i guess the only thing i can do is pray for them!!
  • God cares If your intentions are good.

    If this organization profits from your money, but u intended to contribute to the poor (not knowing about that your money is going to the wrong places), then that is all that matters
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