Hymns for St Mary

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Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find hymns or songs for saint mary, but the easier they are, the better cuz i gotta teach it to little kids who are at max 10 years old.

Thanx in advance



  • Sorry to nag guys, but i really need this as soon as possible.

    Thanx again.
  • we taught our kids "hail to mary, mother of God..from sunrise to sunset" last year and they r 1st and 2nd graders, ( 6-8 years of age), if you think it is too long for them, you can divide each stanza into a solo, or each 2 sing it together, depending on how many kids are in your class

    and theres also arabic songs, like " ya 3adra ya om ilnoor", or "ma ahla seyamek ya 3adra", these r really easy for young kids, do they memorize arabic songs or only english?

    Hail to Mary is at this link

    or if you dont want a song and want a hymn i would recommend "tenti nembi" it is very short and easy for children, http://mystjohn.org/audioproduc.htm


    1.Hail to Mary, Mother of God
    From sunrise to sunset
    Magnify her, Glorify her
    Put her always in your heart

    2.She has born unto us
    The Savior of the world
    He came and, Saved our souls
    And forgave us our sins

    3.She’s the lady and the virgin
    Our queen in heaven
    She’s above the cherubim
    And praised by the seraphim

    4.She is famous and well known
    As the best shelter to rest
    Try her and, You will find that
    For your help, She’s always there

    5.Please O Mary, Pray for us
    And the sinners to return
    Teach us and, Guide all of us
    For you are the faithful saint


    Tenti nempi shere tes mos, nem ghabreyeel pi angelos
    Ge shere ke kharee to meni o kerios metasoo
    Ethvefai tenti o o ne hos theotokos ensio niven
    Matee o em epchois e ehrey egon entef kanen novi nan evol

    We praise you with Gabriel the angel saying:
    “Hail to you, o full of grace. The lord be with you”
    Therefore we glorify you, O mother of God the theotokos.
    Pray to the Lord on our behalf to forgive us our sins.

    Tenechisi emo khen o emepsha nem alisavet ti sengenees,
    Jetesmaroot en so kheni heyomi
    Efesmaroot enge epota ente te negi
    Ethvefai tenti o o ne hos theotokos ensio niven
    Matee o em epshois e ehrey egon entef kanen novi nan evol

    You are worthy to be honored with your cousin Elizabeth.
    Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb.
    Wherefore we glorify you, O mother of God the theotokos.
    Pray to the lord on our behalf to forgive us our sins.


    1- Ma ahla seyamek ya 3adra
    esbo3een fe ilsana mara
    Kol ilnas beyestanoo
    mishta2een 3alashan yesemoo

    2- Ya ilee il malak gakee we al
    ilsalam lakee ya mariam
    ya mamloo2ah kolek ne3ma
    ishfa3ee feena ya om ilnoor

    3- aleesabet ferehet we alet
    mobaraka antee fe ilnesa2
    we mobarakah heya thameret batnek
    ishfa3ee feena ya om ilnoor

    4-ilsama we ilard ferehoo
    lama waladtee iltefl yasoo3
    farha we tamet lel bashareya
    ishfa3ee feena ya om ilnoor

    i dont have a link to this song, but if you want i'll email you the song file (audio)?
  • hey marmar (or any1 else) do you know any other website that has " o kirios" on it, cause i dont like the 1 on tasbeha here, i think it doesnt sound that great
  • http://www.saintmina-holmdel.org/Multimedia/index.php
    u have to scroll down a bit and ull find it, or the one by trinity in the songs category(english)
  • thanks i didnt see the 1 by trinity before that sounds great :)
  • thanks marmar and bron3 :)
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