what can one do to overcome they who speak fouly of Christ

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i have had a situation when someone was mocking God, I thought to myself "what should i do". half my mind wanted to lash out and inflict pain on the person, but the other half was sad for him. i felt as if i should pray for him. i did. gradually, the person became more aware of his wordliness. why did he change?was it because of my prayers?if so, how, and why?should i continue what i did in the future?


  • Samuel Gerges,
    I think you did the right thing - praying for God to enlighten his mind and soul and to show him the true path is the perfect thing to do when in a situation like the one you were in. It is quite possible he/she changed because of your prayers. May God help us all to fight evil with good and to pray for those who still walk in the way of darkness.
  • Dear Samuel Gerges,

    That was an Excellent decision you made, and perhaps the best decision possible in a situation like that!

    You see, when people 'speak fouly of Christ' if we as Christians were to respond EMOTIONALLY or PHYSICALLY we are not helping ourselves or the person! Instead if we were calm and peaceful regardless of what was said and done, then the offender is going to stop and think (maybe not immediately) about what he did and how it didn't affect you... This way, as you did, we are true Ambassadors of Christ! Well Done...may God Bless You!

    Also, regarding your prayers...OF COURSE they were very important! The power of prayer is so strong and it can overcome anything, even a stubborn heart! We do not need to worry how God is going to change someone (it may or may not be because of our prayers as 'Banoub' said!) what we need to do is pray faithfully and God's love will do the rest!

    may God give us all the STRENGTH to resist the temptations to respond Irrationally, but instead to pray!

    Please pray for my weakness.
    God Bless.
  • Hi Samuel,
    Speaking against Christ is a sin. However, when you are faced with it, is to treat the person with kindness. When you show your Christlike actions, the person will be more compelled to control their tongue and think twice about their actions.
  • Hey Peter!
    you did the right thing. prayer does miracles. I dont rem. which queen but she prayed for her son the prince because he wasnt Christian and after soo many years he converted and became a great saint. if i rem. who it is ill get back to u.
  • Hi Samuel,

    What you did I think is 100% correct and Christian. You know, in any religion, if someone mocks the prophet of that religion, immediately the followers will carry the sword and fight that person. Except our religion for many reasons:

    1) When someone attacks our Christ, he may have an excuse that he does not know him personnally.

    2) He may feel jealous of the way we look at God as LOVE and Father which he can not find in his religion.

    3) He may feel jealous of our freedom which was given to us by Jesus. We can deny Him without risking our lives. But of course we follow Him not because we fear to be killed but because we love Him. This freedom is not in every religion.

    The best thing to do in any of these cases is to show the LOVE and mercy of our Lord. Instead of spending our energy fighting that person himself, who may be a victim, we fight the evil in him. How? By praying for him the way you did. As St Paul says : "Our fight is not with flesh and blood but with evil spirits". The fact of a person mocking of our Lord does not affect Him but unfortunately, it brings judgement on the person himself and every person will be judged on every word he said.

    And as one Saint said once: "I pray and repent, not only for my own sins, but also for the sins of my brothers and sisters as well, because their sins pierced you, my Lord, on the Cross the same way as my sins did exactly".

    Thank you and pray for me.

  • I think you might be thinking about St. Monica and her son Augustinos. She prayed for him for over 20 years that her son would change his ways and become a Christian....He did and he was a great Christian.
  • yea that was it! ;) thanx kokig!
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