Deacon garment

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I really need some information on deacon garment and what it represents. please please please if anyone knows anything or in anyone knows where i can find some information, please help me. thank you and may God Bless you


  • fr Tadros' dictionary:

    A white tunic worn by all monks and priests while
    celebrating the Holy Mass. It is white because it represents
    the joyous angels who are serving God in purity and

    the red scarve thingi (how u call that in english? :-\) represents the wings of the angels.

    An epsaltos doesnt wear one, i suppose cause its not concidered an actual rank yet. THe oghnostos wears it in the shape of a cross, cause he should carry his cross, he's a reader and should study the bible and explain it to the congregation. The other ranks wear it on the left shoulder (except the archdeacon to differentiate the highest deacon in rank).
  • how does an Arch Deacon wear it
  • don't they wear a black tonyia just like abouna? the archedeacon i meant
  • but during the liturgy they wear a badrashel just like other deacons, but over the right shoulder (as far as i know)
  • is there a reason for the badrashel being red ?...because i have seen some wear yellow back in egy
  • red is the standard color.
    I dont know per se why, but the color red usually has either one of 3 reasons (maybe there's other reasons btw):

    -it represents purity through the blood of Christ
    -it represents salvation (like the red piece of cloth in the story of Jericho, as with the red lint after baptism)
    -it represents the color of king's cloths (as the altar veil etc)
  • the badrashen... is a belt to be worn... for deacons are in the army of God... thus it is a belt around the waist... and a cross on th back to show what army you belong to, as you see saint Mina, he wears a belt, and a galbeya... same way with the deacons... a cross on the front... for the deacon to medidate upon while wearing the tunic... and the cross on the back is for the congergation to meditate upon the cross...
  • and oh yeah... the tunic is white, because we are covered, or filled by God's grace... the red is a color of royalty... so that would be my guess.
  • thank you so much, u all are a really big help.. God Bless you
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