Bombing In Sharm El Sheikh

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hello all,
i just wanted to start a topic for prayer and discussion about our brothers and sisters in egypt effected by the bombings that occured yesterday
i would like to hear everyones opinion on what happened and please rember our brethren in our homeland in your prayers



  • Can I ask you to also add in these prayers those responsible for the bombing. Although they perhaps do not share our views on life we are to love our enemnies and pray for them - for what is the value of just loving those that just love you.
    Lastly as Jesus to forgive for they don't understand.
  • Deano... i find ur posts interesting. u seem to know everything about every topic on earth. U of all people should not be saying forgive them becuz they dont no wat they are doing... wat do u no Deano... this was said by the Holiest Man to walk the planet ever and ur gonna repeat him?! Deano... u walk with ur nose so high up in the air... ud drown if it rained
  • Thanks for your kind words.
    I have said no wrong but you attack me.
    To be honest I have no idea where my nose is - for I have not seen it - I do know its in front of my face.

    Whilst it is hard to fogive just as it is hard at times to turn the other cheak, we must love all and judge no one.

    I believe the Bible is read every Sunday in Church.
  • Ummm. Nahda#1 that's a little harsh, mainly beause i dont think he meant anything wrong by it, It sounded like he was just quoting the bible as you and i do everyday.

  • of course the attacks in sharm el sheikh are deplorable - i mean it is very depressing when you have egyptians killing egyptians! but it makes you think, who benefits from these attacks and only 2 groups come to my head. firstly the bush administration, by such attacks in egypt they can show how unstable the mid east is, how there is repression in egypt and so on. of course the other group is the israeli government - i mean to them this is fantastic it makes egypt look like a country of terrorists and that mubarak doesnt have control etc. by making egyptians look like terrorists, israel can then pull the attention onto themselves, and how they're suffered from suicide bombers in recent years, and further cement their claim to the occupied palestinians territories.. overall i just cant see how the islamic brotherhood themselves benefit.. i mean if most of the dead had been tourists it would be a different story, the brotherhood might scare them away for a lil while, but considering 90% of the dead were egyptian the brotherhood's gain is far less...
  • but wat i dont understand is why woudl muslims kill other muslims??? it jus doesnt make any sense :-\
  • [quote author=mazza link=board=11;threadid=2175;start=0#msg33420 date=1122295609]
    but wat i dont understand is why woudl muslims kill other muslims??? it jus doesnt make any sense :-\

    they think they are sinners... just as it is halal for them to kill muslims in America...

    lets us all lift our hands... and pray, for God is the One... and He will take care.
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