Being a monk?

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have you ever thought about being a monk?
how do you see the life in the monastry ?


  • being a monk is a really difficult task to achieve
  • I've actually thought of being a nun (I don't like how you only mentioned monks by the and I really don't know. I don't have to worry about that now though, I'm wayyy tooooo young.
  • i thought about it before and i said all of that education and then i will be a monk(i know it is stupid)anf then i found a verse in bible and when i read it i felt like i am nothing and don't ask me how it is hard!! :'(
  • My best friend wishes to grow up and become a monk. He wants to get away from this world and live for Christ.

  • I wanted to be a nun when i was little and then i started saying to everybody and they were always saying saint nansy
  • Actually many monks do have a college education.
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    Actually many monks do have a college education.

    I think that's kinda of the rule for any monk/nun now...they have to be educated and with a degree in college if i am not mistaken...I think the Pope did want people just choosing monstaicism because it was easier than getting an education...he wanted to be from the heart that u want to spend ur life in the monastery instead of in the world.
  • uhh yea, you're not supposed to go into the monastary with nothing to sacrafice but they make exceptions sometimes.
  • do monks/nuns get money?
    can u make a living off of doin that?
    Keep it real
  • [quote author=MarinaIsFly link=board=13;threadid=2117;start=0#msg33390 date=1122255611]
    do monks/nuns get money?
    can u make a living off of doin that?
    Keep it real

    were u kidding? no of course they don't get paid...make a living in wut...they are living in the monastery...all their lives are there
  • No actually they dont make money at all. They work for a living making their own food. All they do is work to suport their life and pray to God. (By work i mean hard physical work like farmin etc)

  • the thought will come to many, because we just read about it... and we heroize (I know its not even a word…lol) the church fathers... but monastic life was not made for everyone... so make frequent trips to the monastery, and if you like and you enjoy it every time... than maybe it is something for you... but God will provide!
  • I want to for the future dedicate myself to the church, but I wont become a nun. So basically, it's like MarMar91 said, a deaconess probably. lol

  • anyways i wanted to be monk and my dad is like il suppurt u but im like totaly scared plus im not gonna fit in to all that holinees ??? ??? ??? dont know realy why but i like being a deacon and il stick with that
  • My friend thinks the same way. I believe that if you truly want to become a monk and your heart is in it and your'e doing it for all the right reasons, God will guide you and never let you go because he loves you and watches out for you.

  • lol all u guys are thinking good, its good to think like this but you have to remember that yes it is true you cannot become a monk or priest without having a degree becasue you are a someone, and if you just say you are going to be a monk because you can't take the outside world, than believe me it is not possible, you can't hide yourself in a "new life", as for wanting to be a monk, mainly it is a calling from god... you will see your life changing and progressing towards becoming "married" with god, as for the money, they do not get paid however some do get some money from the head abbot i case they wanna send it to a family or whatsoever.......
  • Even those who are paid, if they don't want it or need it, they don't accept it or they just give it to the church right away.

  • ive thought about being a monk since the new monestary here in texas is gonna open in like 3 weeks when HH Pope Shenouda comes but its really hard and ive talked to my parents and father of confession about it and they bothe support me and my mom was like...ill be so happy for u and take u from ur hand till the monestary so its pretty cool but its really hard and gettin tempted alot from the devil is not easy so im leaving it up to god and his will...pray for me plz
  • You're not alone in this. Good luck, and remember us in your prayers.

  • thank u, pray for my weak and sinful self please GBU
  • My dearest brothers and sisters:

    Just a quick comment...the monastery is not a factory for is a hospital for those who are extremely in Love with God and those who can't take enough of Him...those who really love Him and wanna give their whole lives to's not for everyone, but as Pope Shenouda said:

    "Those who can't actually leave the world, must leave it in its essence"

    Visit the monastery people....not touristic visits...but actually LIVE there for a couple of days...what we in Arabic call a "khelwa"....see what happens...and whatever u do...please always remember to pray for the monks...ALWAYS....their lives are a war against Satan...their very lives...but at the same time our Lord gives them special powers against Satan...and that's why most Saints are monks....


  • I've actually thought about bein a monk a lot of time. Me and one of my friends talk about goin to the monastary together. I want to go for a khelwa first though.
  • I was talking about him. lol
    You too?? Wow, that's new, maybe a good idea for you. lol

  • i always wanted to be a monk since i was 10. but the more i grow up the more i realize i am to big of a sinner to be a monk. but hopefully God will make me be a monk unless he wants otherwise.
  • hi

    i personally feel the monkhood is a blessing, which brings us closer to god. but unfortionatly we can't all part take of this blessing. but for those who can, HOW DO U KNOW IF U WANT TO BE A MONK?

    irini pasi
  • i think that if god wants you to be a nun/monk he'll show you somehow
  • i had the same idea but i think you solution is discuss this matter with any abouna or begin to read about this issue i suggesst a book called ( Ogaraa wa abnaa) written by (raheb min deir el baramoss) this is useful god b with you
  • i thought about been a nun but it sounded really stupid 2 me aspecially cos i just started askin' myself whenever i'm doin anythin like eating sweet food going shopping trips..etc and i said o if i want 2 be i wont be doin anythin and also 'nuns' are not really known like monks
    i'm still thinking about it ???
    but i know if i didn't stop i'm gonna be crazy soooon
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