Hours of the Agpeya

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why is it that the first hour commemorates the Ressurection but the third, sixth, ninth, eleventh, twelve commemorate events that happened before the Ressurection


  • Because you should remember Christ rose from the dead... as you arose from you sleep, for sleep is a short death... then you resurrect, so what best to remember except the resurrection of our Lord...
  • I think that the 3rd hour was the beginning of Good Friday and the 6th hour is when Jesus was crucified...I think its about that but Im not really certain...anyone care to expand?
  • Hey guys,

    When we wake up and see God's light we should should remeber His ressurection and thank God for it- this is the 1st hour prayer. we also thank God for giving us another day
    3rd hour is when the disciples received the Holy Spirit in Pentacost, so we also ask for the Holy spirit
    6th hour we remember God's suffering and Crucifixion because of our sins that day,
    9th hour- When Jesus died and thus defeated Satan.....giveing us possible salvation
    11th hour (sunset) thank God for the day that passed and ask for forgiveness of our sins
    12th (before bed) we realise that we may not see another day and thus ask for God's mercy. We must be ready for Gods second coming as in the midnight prayer. We also ask to pass the night in peace, chastity, etc...

    So the reason we commemorate the ressurection in the morning is cos Jesus was ressurected on Sunday at dawn! And all the other stuff (suffering, crucifixion etc)- yes it happened b4 but it was later in the day/at night.
  • That was great..thanks Eh ya botros :)
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