Text for Teshori and Taishori

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Hey guys im kinda in a tight situation. If anyone knows where i can get tishori and taishori quickly please post. Its probably already on this site, but im not good at finding hymns here.
Thanx in advanced.



  • Greetings,

    Just like you mentioned... From this site...lol


    Taisoury `nnoub `nka;aroc etfai qa pi`arwmata etqen nenjij `n`A`arwn piouyb eftale ou`c;oinoufi `e`pswi `ejen pima`nerswousi.[/coptic]

    This is the censer of pure gold bearing the aroma, in the hands of Aaron the priest, offering up incense on the altar.


    }soury `nnoub te ]par;enoc @ pec`arwmata pe pencwtyr @ acmici `mmof afcw] ammon @ ouoh af,a nennobi nan `ebol.[/coptic]

    The golden censer is the Virgin. Her aroma is our Savior. She gave birth to Him, He saved us, and forgave us our sins.

    GBU :)
  • all the annual responses are link with their text.
    just click on the audio file itself and you'll see.
  • thanx alot ;D
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