Faith in God

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I what do i do if i feel sad>> i start blaming god


  • Why would you blame God?. . . what gives u that right?

    Was it not GOD that gave you life, was it not HIS mercy that saved you?

    Jesus said "In the world you WILL (thats a promise) have tribulations. . . " ur gunna sufffer, thats what being a Christian is all about. If he gives you obstacles and brings you to a problem, then know he will see you through it. He only gives us as much as we can handle. But theres no sense in blaming God cuz we are not even worthy of living right now. If the wages of sin IS death, then we should all be dead, since we are all sinners...correct?

    But his mercy saved us. He chose to humble himself, and cleanse our souls with the price of His precious blood. So now that we encounter some difficult times here on Earth (which are TEMPORARY) we turn away from God, and blame Him...who gives us that right?
  • yes i would agree do not blame god i mean he gave u life and he died for us to save our sins!!!!! glory be to god forever amen!!!!!

    basketball ;)
  • basketball,

    he didn't save our sins saving means it won't happen
    but God he died to FORGIVE our sins
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