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Just wondering if anybody knows the numbers

How many in the world?
How many in Egypt?
How many in America?

And any other random numbers and percentages you could pull up would be appreciated.



  • if you mean ppl in general... I think its 4-6 billion in the world (hardly sure)... 60,000 in Egypt and growing by the second... and I have no clue 4 america
  • america is huge and i know it is a big number!!!!
  • Mark,
    Are you talking about Copts or Popluation in General?

    If you are looking for general popluation numbers, you can find those at a report published by the United Nations called "Human Development Report" Here is a link:

    there is all kinds of Numbers in there. as far as population is concerned. But they may not break it down to Copts vs Non copts

    Let me know if this helps.
  • Sorry for being vague guys. I meant coptics.
  • you mean copts in america right... sorry i got lost!!!
  • I think it's 10% from 7 million people in Egypt...don't know about the rest thou.
  • hey i heard the same thing you said it's 10% from 7 million people in Egypt... i heard that from frienda at church!!! lol
  • it is ten percent, but there are not 7 mil. in Egypt. You added 2 zeros... its somewhere around 70,000 which makes us 7,000. Really, REALLY small amount.
  • No there is actually 7 million in's not 70,000...LOL..that's way too small...that meas that America is in highest population than Egypt...204,000 or more...and NOPE it's not...the population in EGYPT is way more than might be 700,000 but not 70,000...LOL...we wish it were thou.
  • America has much, MUCH larger population that Egypt, believe me. NJ & NJ alone are at least 2 mil.
  • Oh sorry I had the # wrong. It's not 70 thousand, its 70 million. So we amount to 7 million in Egypt, and I heard we were 700,000 here in America.

    For the population that Egypt is more than America, you mean Copts?
  • lol...tht's way too's actuaa;y more than u and i said....egyptian poplulation is 77,505,756 (77 million )people...according to that website
  • For the population that Egypt is more than America, you mean Copts?

    I guess I was wrong in that one...American population is 200 million...but I think we are like 2 million coptics in America and about 7 million coptics in Egypt that makes Egyptian copts more of course.
  • I know america!!! 85,000,000 esimate
  • Of cource there will be more copts in Egypt than in AMerica because Egypt is where all of us originated from, so most of them are in Egypt, and a small amount are else where.....
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