The devil tempting.. or God testing?

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Hi everyone
I had a question. How do u know if the devil is tempting u, or God is testing u...that question has puzzled me for a long time...

plz answer
God bless all...



  • Devil tempting and God allowing
  • yeah that is a good question... you should have faith in the lord and you have the holy spirit and listen to the words of jesus christ... hope i helped!!! great topic by the way!!!
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  • Welcome biboy! :)

    devil tempting..or God testing? ...hmm interesting question.

    First off, some verses:

    James 1:13: God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else either.

    Mark 7:21-22: From within, out of a person's heart, come evil thoughts , sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, eagerness for lustfull pleasure, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. All these vile things come from WITHIN.

    The devil sends us temptation, but God helps us get through it. I don't think God will test you with something that could hurt you (whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally). We should be able to distinguish between the wrong and right path..the right one being the one God wants us to take :P

    Okayyy, well I sorta blabbed on but hope I helped...a little bit.

    God bless
  • that was a good reply and the verses go. i would agree with the whole thing!!
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  • ya...

    So ur saying that a temptation coming from within while a test is from outside.. Right??

  • perfect reply P.U.S.H.. I think we should always try our best to get through our problems, whether it's from god or the devil. If it's from god then you must pass his test. And if it's from the devil then you must not let him get what he wants.

    Also, Abouna said God will not give you a test you are not capable of passing.
  • thanks everyone for all ur help ;D
  • I really agree with Nahda #1.. :)
  • they are all good answers and you should always have faith in christ!!!!
  • thats a tough question, but the lord always tests with love and tests you to your own ability.
    for example, the devils appear to monks and test them (but god allows it because he knows they can handle it)
    but imagine a devil appaering in front of us, personally i think id die lol, but what im sayin is that god knows wat ur capable of and wat your not
    hope i helped a bit lol :P
  • good answers lol!!!!
  • i think i said that answer before but i can't find it but never mind i will say it again pray and god will tell ;)u!
  • that is also a good answer great job sandra!!!! lol
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  • God tests you by allowing the devil to tempt you..
  • yeah that is a good answer!!!! lol glory be to god!!!!
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  • also i mean if god was testing you should you be happy??? that is also something i want to know!!!!! lol thanks!!!
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  • Yes i think it says somewhere in the book of James ( i think) that we should rejoice in our temptations or sufferings. because then God thinks us worthy to endure temptations, or something like that..
    also something i thought was neat that i felt i should share,
    i read once in an edition of the magazine "Abba Antony", something that can help you in temptations is continually saying,
    "My Lord Jesus Christ, save me, my Lord Jesus Christ deliver me, I praise you my Lord Jesus Christ." This helps because it said that the devil is terrified of Jesus' name and he will flee from his sight.

    God bless u!! ;D

  • okay great answer!!!! i would also agree!!!!!
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  • good job laurainchrist!!nice reply! :D
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