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Hey everyone. I wanna make like, programs to do over the summer for church and everything. You know like meetings and stuff. But I want details. Please help


  • u kno wat? we r doin the same thing for our chruch! only because we r biulding a new one tho.
    we had his idea to do a car wash to help raise money, u rent this place out by walmart and just wash cars...
    another idea is likk an outdoor barbuecue thingy.
    u charge people to go and u charge people for food, u have games and all that good stuff and u can really get alot of money.

    but if u just wanna have fun wif ur chruch then plan out a day in cool waters, or somthing

    God bless
  • Which church do you go to?
  • i dont want to go out to... i want to do within the church or at somebody's house or something
  • hey we are also doing a building. we do camps and field trips at our church...that is how we get the money for the building!!!! :D
  • i go to st mary st antonys chruch in Wisconsin
    the only coptic orthodox chruch in WI
    wat we did in the chruch is likk acarnaval type thingy, where we play games and win prizesand cool stuff...
    also we had his dodge ball/basketball tournament and the winner gets money prize
  • orlando church does basketball tournements like every year. tampa,orlando,daytona,miami,panama,clearwater
    and other churches go and do basketball,hymns,plays. it is sooo much fun and all the priests are there so you can say hi and get a blessing!!!
    basketball :D
  • you guys I want details. Like for a meeting, I want you guys to tell me what we should talk about. Stuff like that.

    over the summer have everyone come mondays, wednesdays, and thursdays for church ... like you pray in the beginning then they get to hang out and do watever then you can pray and everyne leaves...

    you could do tournaments...

    you could hold fieldtrips, camps, or conventions... do bible stuides every week.... make 5 groups or kids and have them learn something and present it in a way like a play or a poem or something... bible quizzes with prizes

    hope ive helped...

    [move]GOD BLESS[/move]
  • i think bible studies are a great idea! :)

    God bless u all! :)

  • thanks so much, CopticChica (and every1 else) keep em coming ppl
  • bible studys are great and also we have choir at my church and we sing hymns and after we all go to eat at a restuaraunt or if we are fasting then we go to someones house!!!! lol
    batikha-basketball :) ;D
  • you can make like field trips, and projects where it involves religious things, you can make games and/or make them up as well, God will bless you for trying your best, you could plans to attend church and have nady (you can hang out like the whole time)
  • thanks a bunch you guys!!! if any of u come up with more ideas, feel free to post!

    Pray 4 me
    God be with all
  • In St. Mark's In Toronto we do a "coptic festival" around the time of nairuz. We make a festival on the church grounds.

    1. FOOD
    We all know egys can't live without food, so make food tables and CHARGE!! ;D

    2. GAMES
    All children love games. They pay money and get tickets and according to the game they want to play they give tickets.

    3. Shows
    We have shows and plays and tours of our coptic museum, which really attracts people that aren't even egyptian to check it out.

    Ask for donations!! no shame there!

    5. Others
    5.1 people bring stuff like jewelry and stuff and sell it. IO think that they give some money to the church ( they have to be from your church, people you know and trust, of course)
    5.2 Candy Stands
    5.3 COtton Candy
    5.4 Sno-cones

    Be creative!! It always turns out great! Other churches and other cultures come and check it out. Its always a blast!!!!!!
    * It's for 3 days (friday saturday and sunday)

    FUNNY STORY: last one we had, we were selling ducks - the yellow ones- ?? they were sooooo cute!!

  • when is this coptic festival??
  • i'm not sure yet... which church are u from?
  • i really like that festival idea, i also like that question and answer thing. id need a lot of effort tho to hold together, and i doubt any1'll listen to me.... shame...
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