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My friends - I am trying to listen to the live broadcasts but no luck. I am using xp and aol. and i get an error message come up. I also have tried on Internet explorer but no use . HELP


  • My dear people,

    I am desperately trying to listen to the live broadcasts and no luck. !! I am running xp and aol but i keep getting error messages . What do i need to do to get this working !?? Plz. help

  • Geraldine,

    Keep in mind that even though the “now broadcasting” icon is present that doesn’t mean that there is a live broadcast taking place. Sometimes after the broadcast is over the icon is accidentally left up. I’m pretty sure there are broadcasts on Sunday morning. Try back then and hopefully it will work.

  • Thank you Mark. I will keep trying . This would be a lifeline to me as I live far from a coptic community and also as I am not a member of your Church - yet!! I know i got it once on during the easter ceremonies but not since then . I am at a learning stage with your Church and trying my best ( with Gods help) and indeed all you people at tasbeha.

    Peace be with u

  • Hey Geraldine,

    Its great that you are taking an interest in the Coptic Orthodox Church and I'm praying as well as hopefully everyone who reads this for your situation to get better and for the Holy Spirit to bless you and guide you to the everlasting fruits of our Savior.

    Here are some links for liturgies on tasbeha, you do not have to listen to the liturgies live at all, you can download them for your dispose at any time you choose. Here’s the link to Father Bishoy Andrawes, Liturgy of St. Gregory:,_Liturgy_of_St._Gregory.html

    And for more liturgy choices all you have to do is (not sure if you need to sign in or not to be able to access them, but sign in anyways) go to the top of the web page and on the upper left hand side you will see a tab labeled MEDIA. Click on that and then the first thing in media listed is DIVINE LITURGIES, so click on that. Once there you will be able to choose out of the many liturgies tasbeha has to offer.

    I hope this helps
    Take care of yourself and feel free to send me a PM if you have any further questions, or even if you just want to talk.

    May God be with you always
    In His Name
  • I got it - that is wonderful - many thanks. -
  • Hello Geraldine,

    I am very glad to hear about your interest in the Coptic Church, it must be a good day today, because this is the second time today to hear this good news.

    Few hours ago we heard from our friend topper, being baptised into the Coptic Church.

    I am sure all your friend at tasbeha website are praying with you, if you need anything, feel that you are at home to ask.

    May God bless and help you.
    We moved your topic to a more appropriate board since it fits more under "Technical ýTopics". We further merged the two threads into one since they are both are the same. ý

    As Mark said earlier, the "now Broadcasting" icon sometimes is left on after broadcasting ýis over. We will try in the future to change it promptly after the broadcasting. ý

    We also have a selection of liturgies, praises, hymns and songs. You can download as ýyou please. ý

    We recently added to our collection of liturgies a Gregorian liturgy in English by Fr. ýPishoy Salama. Here is a link,_Liturgy_of_St._Gregory.html

    Check back often as we continually add to our selection of media.ý

    ý+Akram Y

    T A S B E H A . O R G - Team
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