What are some examples of vain and empty talk?

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I read "listening to vain and empty talk is another sin! " from an article from coptichymns.net

So what are some examples?

I really need all your prayers my brothers and sisters in Christ.. because I feel like im falling into many presumptous and hidden sins and deceiving myself about many things.


  • hi
    yes it is a sin lol no you should def. have conversations lol
    examples of vain and useful talk (very common wit u girls) gossiping lol i think thats all we do lol
    umm lying, swearing any sins from the tounge but its mostly gossiping
    it is a sin if you are talking it but also its a sin for litening to it. when your friend or something gossips or talks about bad stuff you dont stay there and listen becoz it will stay in your mind and the devil usually brings it up wen u r praying umm so wen u r there and they r talking change the subject or say ok thats enuf we dont need that or get up and go just lyk with moses and potiphers wife moses fled straight away he didnt stay in the place and presence of sin. a saying: dont throw yourself in front of bullets

    umm im not on ma comp. but ill post u up a story when i get on that will help u

    i hope i helped and u r def. in ma prayers may the Lord be with u and guide u and open your eyes to the hidden sins. talk to ur FOC bout it and since we r fasting ask God to help u in that area

    HN ALl
  • some say, idle talk is any word that has no benefit, but i personally find that a bit too extreme, i mean, wherever u go, theres always gonna be some non benefitting talk rite?
  • There is nothing called extreme in Christianity...we are NOT A PHILOSOPHY OR A WAY OF THOUGHT...we live a way of life given by the LORD through His church...what I mean is...it's not that it's extreme...it's just that these people try to be very fair and tough on themsleves because they love God very much...and yes...none of us are without sins...especially the tongue...BUT, with the grace of God...and "Tadkeek" from your part, u can try as much as possible NOT to talk non-benefitting talk...it's possible...everything is possible with our Lord (Read Bostan el Rohban for examples of how people loved their Lord, not for copying but for getting the essence of their love to the Lord).

    It's not extreme or non-extreme....as much as you Love your LORD...as much as you will tire yourself to try to rid yourself of ANYTHING that takes you away from HIM...even if they are the little vixens that wreck havoc to the whole crop....

    May God be with you.....

  • What are some examples of non-benefiting talk?
    and what is benefiting? If u meet a new aquaintance what are some of the things that you are going to speak about that are benefiting.. ok there is Hi how are you? what next? hows ur mother haha
  • Well...anything that does not ultimately serve he bigger purpose of glory to God and the spread of his church and "malakoot" by our actions is considered vain and empty...because it is empty of God...in ur example Mark...i's great that u get to know another person, great...but that's it....you don't need to go any further...because simply it's another person who's ur brother/sister in Christ, true...but you want anything from anybody, or if that somebody is ur friend (FRIEND, close that is) then I guess we'd be careful with our talk...careful to steer it in a correct way...

    Remember a BEAUTIFUL saying by Saint Arsanios:

    "Katheeran maa takalamt faa nademt...amma 3an
    el sookoot faa maa nademt kat (ever)."

    Sometimes....silence is a much more powerful messenger than talk.

  • shu bi shu bi waka chorhuma chanfa dusit kannara

    buku buku BUUUUU!!!!!
  • [quote author=u_stole_my_name link=board=11;threadid=1941;start=0#msg29663 date=1119961097]
    shu bi shu bi waka chorhuma chanfa dusit kannara

    buku buku BUUUUU!!!!!

    what is that??
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=11;threadid=1941;start=0#msg29699 date=1119985875]
    [quote author=u_stole_my_name link=board=11;threadid=1941;start=0#msg29663 date=1119961097]
    shu bi shu bi waka chorhuma chanfa dusit kannara

    buku buku BUUUUU!!!!!

    what is that??

    yes what is that... I thought it was arabic at first but it looks like a bunch of letters now...(no offense)...lol
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=11;threadid=1941;start=0#msg29699 date=1119985875]
    what is that??

    it's an example of vain and empty talk
  • this thread is an example of empty, vain talk.
    focus on Christ, then ul know how to differnciate between vain talk and benificial talk.
  • "Be angry, and do not sin."
    Psalm 4
    harshness and firmness is wat held our church together.
  • Anything can be forgiven if u truly repent and stop doing the deed. Make sure to talk 2 ur FOC.
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