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I have a question that I've been meaning to ask so I'll just ask. lol. I've read before that one of the characteristics of God is that he's a jealous God, so if he can be jealous, would that make it wrong for us? And I'm not going to include the point where jealousy becomes envy either, just in general.



  • God's jealousy isn't caused by sin.
    Our jealousy, anger, etc. is sin based.
    so when we r jealous it is wrong, but god's anger/jealousy is righteous.

    Like 4 example when it says in matthew when the people were selling things in the temple.. Jesus got angry, overturned their tables, and said, "It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a `den of thieves."

    But that was because of zeal and love 4 the father.
    It was righteous anger.

    I guess that would be the same thing for God's jealousy.
    he is jealous for our time because he wants what's best for us and for us to know him, because he loves and made us. It is not jealousy caused because of sin.

    That's all I know so far... correct me if I'm wrong! :-[
    but if someone could explain a little better that would be great! :) :P

    God bless!!!! ;D

  • Remember that we have to be careful when we read things like that in the Old Testament. For example, when we read about God's "hands" or "wings" or "feet", this obviously does not mean He literally has hands or wings or feet. They are just symbols useful for conveying an analogy or to give a "hint" about God's attributes.

    God calls Himself "jealous", but He is certainly not referring to Himself as crying in a corner or slashing your tires or leaving nasty phone calls because you are "dating" Beelzebub or money. He is simply referring to the fact that He is jealous for you....not of something. He wants the best for you, and it can't be any other way.
  • Hello sleepymusician,

    I think when God said “ I am a jealous God ......”, He was speaking to the prophet about the practise of the Jewish people of worshipping idols and adopting the practices and the customs of the gentile nations, of whom the Lord warned the Jews of avoiding such things.

    So the meaning of jealousy here is not a human jealousy, but spiritual jealousy. They can not worship God and idols at the same time, because the Lord is a jealous God. In the Book of Ezekiel chapter 16, the Lord called Israel an adultrous wife, " Adultrous wife who receives strangers instead of her husband!....." Ize 16:32. Israel was supposed to be a spiritual wife to the Lord, and worshiping idols is the spiritual adultry.

    God also showed anger, both in the old and new testaments, again it was not human emotion, but spiritual anger. In Psalm 4 “Be anger and do not sin....”, so we too can be angry for the sake of God, when we encounter with the thing against the commandments of the Lord but we should not sin.
  • Great answer Safaa, and very true!
    He is jelous because he doesn't want us to worship other gods, because he is the true God and we must worship in TRUTH! not in false things.

  • so if he can be jealous, would that make it wrong for us?

    Of course you can be jealous… why not? But be jealous over the good things… be jealous of the saints who were martyred for the sake of Christ, but you didn’t… be jealous of the church fathers who gave up their lives, and families for the sake of Christ, but you didn’t… be jealous of the mothers, and fathers, and children who give God the time he deserves from their day… Be jealous of these things… not over the friends’ sweet rides… or what ever… *BE JEALOUS OVER YOUR CHURCH* always protecting it, with all your might… with all your strength…
  • hmmm....i'll have to disagree.....jealousy in any form whatsoever is sinful. Jealousy causes feelings of negativity and feelings of negativity are never good, no matter what their supposed ends are. All being jealous of Saints will do is cause a feeling of self-pity and self-perpetuating apathy that "I can't be like them".....and this cycle, which i've experienced myself countless times in whatever manifestation, is never healthy.
  • I agree with you... but I am not talking to that extent, of going through a hard time and reaching such a "stage." but what I am trying to say is ... jealousy can be used in a positive way... as a bishop mentioned... not sure of his name... but he is ethiopian... he came over our church... and gave an amazing sermon about jealousy... and he mentioned how a person should be jealous over his culture... his church... and he went on... it was AMAZING... so jealousy can be used for the good... at times...
  • if u had a brother or a sister and they were worshiping God and so do u and then suddenly they worshipped some idol would u be justified in getting angry and zealous out of "love" for our heavenly Father and smash the idol.... and what if someone does something in church like making a business selling their stuff.
    Do u have other examples?
  • I DONT GET is he jealous
  • He's a jealous God because he doesn't want us to go to another God. He becomes jealous that we would want to be with someone else.

    Thanks for all your answers guys. They're really awesome, and I learned much.

  • wait are you talking about our lord jesus christ because i know for a fact that he can not be a jealous god!
  • he is not jealous, they way us humans are. he's jealous the way ppl have explained be4, for us. the healthy kind.
  • are you guys talking about god or someone that is a human being jealous?
  • We're talking about our Lord, Christ. He's jealous if we go over to worship other Gods, and he doesn't like it, but he's not jealous in the sense that "Oh, your hair is poofier, I'm so jealous...". No, that's totally off.

  • As someone said before, when the bible say jealous it dont mean it in the way we understand it...when God is communicating to us or talking through the prophets He has to limit Himself to our language.

    Also i think u can be jealous in a good way, but then its caled being zealous

  • Hello Everyone!

    Well, i think that human jealousy can be considered evil because it is based on faithlessness....why would someone be jealous over something if they believed that God has somthing else in store for them?
    What i mean is God put us on a journy, right? Well i believe that we are who we are because he made us that way for this journey of ours....i am what i am, you are what u is where jeaously interferes, when i lose my faith that God will provide i start to desire to covet that of my neighbors. A successful journey ends in the loving arms of our Lord.....So, how can we complain if He wants to covet us!! ;D

    Take care everyone and God Bless!
  • when we're jealous its because someone else has a ferrari and we don't but when God is jealous it's because HE CREATED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT and then we're off worshipping other gods and idols or even worldly every day things. see the difference?
  • To the creator of this topic, I have never heared it said that God is Jealous.
    I do not doubt the fact that you may have heared it, but I do doubt its substance.

    Can I ask you as to where this is written so that I may research it? (I would also welcome comments from those about the view of our Coptic Orthodox Church).
  • I found this in a book that I read awhile back. You may think it not true, but I have no reasons to lie to you, or anyone here. I can't remember exactly where, but by all means, go ahead and look it up. Have fun.


  • To the creator of this topic, I have never heared it said that God is Jealous.
    I do not doubt the fact that you may have heared it, but I do doubt its substance.

    i'm not the creator but here's some verses...

    Exodus 20:5 - Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God

    Exodus 34:14 - For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

    Deuteronomy 4:24 - For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.
  • God's sent his answer.


    P.S. Thanks Hos Erof
  • ur most welcome always ;)
  • Awesome dude. lol

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