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Dear team,

A member asked where he could find a copy of the Complete Psalmodia (Tasbeha) and i referred them to: Go to "Articles" and and under Midnight Praises click the link called: "Complete Psalmodia - Institute of Coptic Studies"

But i soon discovered that this link is out of date... (Either the file has been moved or removed completeley??)

I just wanted to inform you of this 'broken-link' in case you were unaware

God Bless Your great work

Please pray for me...


  • Also, the link for Trinity Praise Team under Links isnt working either.
  • There are actually several links currently not working. Most are either "forbidden" or no longer available.
  • Thanks for bringing the Psalmodia link to our attention, we will fix it ASAP.

    The Trinity link is not under our control, as it points to Trinity's website - outside of the realm.

    If you could be so kind as to provide the links that you say are "forbidden" or not available/broken, we can take a look at them.

    Thanks /
  • / Team,

    The following are links found under the Links Section of this website and their status: - No Longer Available - No Longer Available - Forbidden - No Longer Available - Page Not Found

    Hope I was of help :) God Bless you all!
  • Thanks for the notice... we are going to replace the links page as it stands now, with a more interactive version.

    We estimate to have this in place sometime today.

    Please check back with us soon. /

    -- Update: The interactive link page is now online....
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