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Hey guys, how ya'll doing? Well for me, it's been really rough. My family is falling apart in front of my own eyes. It's crazy. To sum it all up, all my cousins are ignoring me and my sister and all my aunts are ignoring my mom. Everyone is talking about each other behind each others back. The major problem that keeps bothering my is that my sister and I and my cousins we really close and out of no we all hate each other. I have no clue what to do. The thing is I don't want anything bad happen to any of us (God forebid) and , us, never talking to each other every angain and regretting it for the rest of our lifes. I pray to God everyday that things can get back to norml and this has been going on for around 2 years. Anybody know what to do other than to talk a Abouna? Please pray for me and my family. Thank you for your time. God Bless. :-\


  • Don't worry EgyptianCopt88,
    some of us have been through the same thing, and if you believe that it could get better than it will, I will pray for you for you shall have dignity over your faith and have more faith all your life may you be comforted in your needs and your need of help well, hope this advice works for you and may the LORD and MOTHER MARY can come to a good advice trip and may the miracle of help help you

    God bless you

  • Pray definitely but also talk to your your heart to them..I know people can be cruel but no matter how they react to your words, they will affect them and perhaps by the grace of God, they'll realize their wrong..
  • that is absolutely right every1
    also egyptiancopt88 always no that God never gives u anything more than u can handle. Gods prob just testing u np itll b sooner or later finished but u must NEVER no matter abandon or leev our Lord bcoz with Him u can do all things as mentioned in philippians 4:13 so ull b alright with the support of every1ns prayers (u def. got mine) and u pray as well and im certain ull b ok just trust in God and always no He is rite next to Him and will never abandon His sheep

    GB ALL
  • As already mentioned prayer is the answer. My expereince is that no matter what you do or say - alone you may only make things worse and put yourself in situations that are not easy to get out of and very difficult to explain. Lead by example. I think it is in the Proverbs 'Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold'. It is not easy being in your spot, but you are not alone. Take care and pray for me please.

  • Thanks guys for the help. I think the problem has gotten worse since I posted. It's okay thou, my parents, sister and I are just ignoring all the lies and rumors they're saying about us. I just pray to God each day that everything will be back to normal but it doesn't seem like it will be for a while. Thanks for advice guys and May God be with us all!

  • hey it has happened to me and what i have learned is that u have to pray pray and pray more..have faith in god and he will do his best!!!!!always depend on god for the problems and he will work it out for u!!!!! hope i helped adn u and ur family will be in my prayers always!!!! may god be with you all!!!!!
  • hey, i know life may seem tough right now, but im sure it will get better sooner or later....god is always there with you and your family, the best guess i have is to why this is happening to you would be that god thinks you and your family is strong enough to get through this and just wanted to test you all and see how much faith you dont let god down and just keep on praying and it will get better, and if this makes you feel any better, so many people i know have been through family problems, in fact i think almost everyone has been through some sort of family problem in one point of thier lives, so the best advice i can give you is to keep on praying and i promise i will pray for you every night, i hope i have helped you even the tiniest bit! god bless you and your family!

  • Hey EgyptianCopt88,
    look at the positive side what if your family is better what great things do you look forward to, but if you think negative it's a whole different side you don't necessarily need to look at that side look at it this way

    negative side-hell or hades
    positive side-heaven or paradise

    which one would you pick?

    for a lot of people I know it would be positive side-heaven or paradise
  • like everyone said pray.
    but have faith because if you do anything can happen, just look at the mountain that moved... Anything is possible in God. Stick to Christ, and YOU WILL NEVER EVER LOSE.
  • it always disapoints me to see or hear about families breaking up since a family is united by some thing very strong (the holy spirit) and you r supposed to be united as one hand. i cann't say i know what u r going through but i will help you with the strongest weapon ever prayer and fasting.

    so please tell me if things get better

    irini pasi
  • since its st marys feast ask God to help u im sure He will

    happy fruits of the fast ppl

  • why havent we heard from him/her for almost a month now???
  • Thanks for all of your help and prayers. I should have thanked you sooner but the computer has been unplugged due to painting the whole house.

    It's been the same with the fam-bam. I don't think we will ever be the same again. I still pray that we could be a "family" again. I do miss seeing them. I do miss going to azomahs on Sunday after chuuch. My life has been really dull ever since this break up. But what can I do than pray? I wish I can sit down with them and talk about it. But we can't. All that is left to do is leave this problem into God's hand's and leave it up to Him, kinda, I guess :-\

    But thank you again for your advice and prayers, Rabena mayakoum...sorry, I can't spell arabic english.
  • All I can say is may God be with you, help you, and protect you.

    P.S. Did you tell your FOC?
  • May God help you and guide you, but don't lose faith!

    ya kathrine did you tell you F.O.C.
  • No, I haven't talked to my FOC about this matter. I know I should but I haven't.

    What can Abouna do about this?
  • He, better than any1 on this thread (not to say that some ppl here don't give great advice) can tell you what to do to bring your family back together.
  • I would love to talk to my FOC but my social phobia always kicks in and I run away. It's really hard for me to go up to anybody and start talking to them esp. Abouna. I'll pray to God so he can help me with my fears.
  • hay egyptiancopt write it down, i coukdnt say some stuff and i wrote my stuff on a piece of paper it came out to b a whole a4 sheet lol take as many as u want i agree tottally wit all4Christ abouna is the only 1 that wood giv u the best advice ever coz the HS talks throo him so write ALL ur feelings down and give it to him

    Rabena ma3aki hope all goes well
    GB ALL
  • Great idea FROG, if you can't say it, write it! i know you feel shy coming up to abouna, i do 2, but you have to know that he would never do anything to hurt you. he would never humiliate or embarass (sry 4 the spelling) you, because he is a human the Holy Spirit works through. Look, whether you write it down or scream it out, find a way to tell your FOC.

    Hope I helped

    May God be with you, protect you, and help you in all that you do.
  • well all ppl have problems but wat i'm sure about is if u're prayin and askin faithfully God will do
    4 me it got like that once in my family but it was just affectin me by being scared and 2 hate ppl but FAITHFUL PRAYERS will be heard!
    and i'll pray 4 u
    take care
  • 'i prayed to the Lord and He heard me... incline your ear to me o Lord and save me'

    to comfort you and to help you, before you sleep tonight pray the midnight services i read it and wow amazing gr8 stuff its really comforting so yeh go ahead wen u get tym go for it.

    GB ALL
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