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if god created this earth and human beings etc etc and he could and still can stop anything he wants, why isnt he stopping the evil (sin) or why didnt he stop the evil (sin) from the beginning?
may be some of u will say to test us, but i believe there is more then one reason for that but what is it thats what i dont know.


  • Most likely, I am not sure, not a priest, nothing special but I think he did it to see who truly loves Him and gave us the free will to choose to be good and love Him, or not; worldly pleasures are temporary but the ones in Heaven last forever, He wants us to have the best and a free will is the best.

    MG, East Brunswick, St. Mary Church! :)
  • Hi, Its really very simple. God created the earth and everything therein. However, many times, we fail to recognize the God also created us with free will. Many people say that God made a mistake. I think it was the only way that he could create man. You see, God has multitudes and legions of angels constantly praising him, its what they do. They did not choose this, but were created as such. As his people, however, we are given the option to choose to love, to obey him, and to follow him. What gratification would God feel if the people he created only praised him because thats the way he made them? In terms of evil, that ties into the whole free will thing. Many things that happen that might be seen as evil, have been know to do some good. A very recent example; after the tragic 9/11 accident, an estimated 3.6 million people became faithful believers of Christ. They knew that they could only overcome this evil through God. [move]For it is not I lives in Christ, but Christ is he that lives in me[/move]
    [move]I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me[/move]
  • 3.6 million? wow....May God continue to enlighten our minds and hearts. :)
  • wow! I didn't know that statistic either!!! (thanks Peter)!!!

    3.6 Million people!!! What wonderful news...

    It's always great to hear that in difficult situations people get closer to God instead of abandoning Him and either disbelieving in Him or blaming Him...

    About the original question, i believe Peter and 'Soccerstar' answered it very well!!! :)

    It's always easy for us to say that God can do anything and everything, but we forget that if God did 'everything' then we wouldn't be free!
    God, in His love for us, created us in His image, and so He gave us abilities that no other creature has! We are created FREE and in our freedom we have the choice to to good or to do bad. But more than that!!! We cannot appreciate how good something is, without knowing how bad it can be... you see, if everything was GOOD we would not know that it was good, and we would not appreciate it... there would be no reason for our existence.

    I hope i helped a bit

    God Bless you all.
    Please pray for me.
  • Thank you guys for ur replies :) i appreciate it.
    That was a good info u gave us peter, but it is sad to see how ppl get closer to god in bad situations and how they forget him in their happy times.
  • That truly is the case, isn't it? It is sad, but we must learn to thank him for all things and at all times. Just as He has never abandoned us, we must learn to live and abide with Him. May we learn this through the grace of the Holy Spirit. :)
  • That is a very good point you raised there! :) We tend to forget God when things are going well for us and we feel that we are in-control and feel "powerful". We only realise that we need God in times of "trials" and difficulties. We realise our true weakness and depend on God. If only we could always rememeber that without God, we are very weak.

    If only we were humble with ourselves we could admit that we need YOU O LORD, we always need you. Please be with us and bless us, forgive us for not giving the proper thanks that is due to you. Thankyou God for Everything!

    This issue reminds me of two nice points:

    [glow=blue,2,300]1.[/glow] The part in the thanksgiving prayer: "We thank You on EVERY OCCASION in EVERY CONDITION and for ALL THINGS..." (i know there are different translations) When we pray this do we mean it? Do we really thank God? I know that too often i forget to thank God for many things.

    Sometimes i am too blind too see what is good for me (eg. trials, difficulties and temptations) and not only do i not thank God for what i have, i complain and ask for more! But also sometimes i am too caught up in my own selfish happiness, so i forget how i got there and all i see is my own selfish desires!

    [glow=blue,2,300]2.[/glow] The lovely story / picture of the "Footsteps" Many of you know this story but for those who don't it's a great one which i'll briefly mention:

    A person is looking back at the events of their life as a journey. They see their life as footprints in the sand. The person then notices that there are 2 different sets of footprints side by side for the GOOD TIMES in their life... (one is the person's and the other is OUR LORD's).
    In the bad times there was only ONE set of foot prints, (we then question God and ask: why did You leave us when we needed You the most??) But we are surprised to find out that, In Fact, the lone set of footprints is there because God was carrying us through the HARD TIMES!

    Please pray for my weakness
    God Bless You :)
  • we have to remember that God gave us free will. He did more than enough to help us. we are the ones that caused evil to become a part of us.
  • That is so true..."The horse is prepared for the day of the battle, but the Lord gives deliverance"(proverbs 21:31)

    It is mans obsession towards worldly desires and not towards God that creates evil...

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • god didnt create evil...god created the world perfect....but he also gave us free will because he loves and respects us.....god didnt want robots...and he did this knowing that some of us will go against him and many of us will follow him to the end...however adam and eve choose the wrong path.....the question is why god stop the evil is beacuse we have to suffer to get to him...no pain no gain...lol...but we have to suffer...and sorrow leads us to repentance...when 9/11 happened so many people went to church to pray....st. paul said that he didnt regret any sorrow he went through..and he went through A LOT...because it brought him closer to GOD...and God doesnt want us to continue to be spiritual like a child, he wants you to become spiritually mature...to become more like his son...in hebrews 5:8 it talks about the suffering of Christ and which showed his discipline...and most of all god turns negative things in positive thing....think about the worst thing that has ever happened since the dawn of day...that was the crucifixion of christ , and from that happening we were saved...god from the beginning new what was going to happen....but he took the risk...he is wanting for all those who cause evil to repent and come back to him...even though it is hard to believe god loved Hitlaer, he loves the terrorists, etc.....and most importantly we dont know if god will stop the evil...he might choose to do it tomorrow or the day after....our lives havent come to an end yet....thank you God...lol.. ;D....and we have to want to see how this all will end....i hoped that helped...lol
  • free will fine.... but some things.. we dont bring to ourselves you know?... like wy would God let people do things if he knows theyre gonna hurt others... i understand free will but what i dont understnad is... if its going to have an affect on many others, not jsut themselves then why doenst he stop it?.... like wars and stuff... thats not really free will.. its politics.. things like that... why why why??
  • let's take the example of Joseph, why did God allow his brothers to sell him etc; i'm sure if we were in his position we would have complained about all the stuff happening, but in the end God just manages to make things work for the good. If God allows some poverty or disaster, maybe people will feel weak and return to God, we dont know what it is, but God has infinite wisdom and everything that happens has a reason :)
  • I get wut ur saying youstina but i dont think God makes us do anything...thas the whole free will issue, u kno? I think that God allows wars and people to be hurt because some of it is kinda sorta an awakening for some people, i think part of it is carrying the cross, and i think Job says it perfectly in verse 10 in ch 2 when he says how can we accept the good and reject the bad from God...as Christians we have to accept trials so that our relationship with him would increase...and Hos Erof i totally agree with u, God does have infinite wisdom that we really don't have the imagination to comprehend.Its funny how we think that believing in God protects them from trouble so when things start to fall around them, they question God's goodness and justice, which i have learned from my own self. But i recently was recommended to read Job 2 and verse 10 plainly and simply explains that God allows us to have bad experiences. Faith in God does not guarentee a perfect life with no obstacles, but lack of faith in God does not exactly mean eternal damnation either. I mean if this was true then people would just believe in God to become rich and powerful. God can always rescue us from suffering and corruption, but he also allows us to suffer and corrupt and be corrupted for reasons we can not comprehend. I mean that is exactly what the devil wants us to do; is to doubt God in such moments when something goes wrong! That's when he's all over u going, "He doesnt care about u, there's so many people in the world u think he's acually listening or even thinking of u? and if he is why cant he stop it? He is the almighty isnt he??" But thats y we have to hold on and understand that in order for peace to come forth u have to have something go wrong first....u cant win a battle unless u fight it! If we always knew WHY we're suffering, there'd be no room for us to learn from our sufferings and mistakes and develope in Christ...i wrote the same thing in "corruption"just because i really think that when we start to question God's will (which u guys kinda helped me learn from the questioning God forum) everything around us seems to be going the opposite direction of wuts right....

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • how come God doesnt save the non christain ppl or the children that die without being baptized.

  • ofcourse he does.. :) we're not any better than non-christains but sometimes God tries in many ways to show them that he's the true God and so bad things may happen to them but not neccasarily. I mean how is a little kid going to know that it will hurt him if he falls until he does fall?
  • yeah but some ppl are really shallow and they would never pick up on the signs and if so then how come god doesnt make the signs obvious to them and make them convert
    im not talking about the christian orthodox ppl
  • God cant make anyone convert, cuz of he did then he'd be messing with free will and we wouldnt have such a thing. God will knock on ur heart once and twice and three times and bagazillion times until u hear him and when u finally do its up to YOU to decide whether or not u want to open the door. God will not give u "signs" that u wont be able to see because then there'd be no reason for the signal if ur not going to notice it. God brings forth himself to u in ways that fit u and u only. He's not going to introduce himself to u in a foreign way that does not fit ut personality or ways of understanding. If ur not listening or looking for signs its not because he's not making them obvious enough, its because we choose to push the mute button everytime hes knocking. I believe that God goes through impossible measures to get u to know him personally, but he will never ever pull u and say "love me".

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • its great when you have wise friends....not....lol...jk... :) :)...but God meets always more than half way....with arms opened wide and ready to celebrate your return....like the prodigical...if its spelt wrong its sylvia's fault......lol.... :) :)
  • :o ITS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!1 MERYAM CANT SPELL OR HEAR!! ::) u dorrrkkkk!!

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
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