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my bro logged in at tasbeha.org to download hymns and now i can't log off of his account and use mine to download hymns


  • Hyperactivejoe,
    Have you tried logging off? There is a button at the top of the page "logout" which you can click to log off his name. If that link doesn't work, post in the Technical Difficulties area of the forums and mikesl or an administrator can further assist you. :)
  • If you can’t log off for some reason, just clear your cookies, if you are using internet explorer, you can clear you cookies by going to

    1. Tools (found on the top of your browser window next to file edit view ect.)
    2. internet options
    3. Then press “Delete cookies”.
    Keep in mind this will also delete any other stored passwords you may have on your computer such as hotmail or something of that sort.

    If you are using Mac, well, then your on your own buddy, sorry. Or you could direct your question toward mike, he is much more knowledgeable.

  • hyperactivejoe ,

    Mark423 is correct in his procedure for a PC...

    Most Mac's using IE for Mac follow the same if not similar procedure.

    Hope that helps...

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