hey hey everyone...im new!

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hey everyone! my name is mariam shenouda and i turned 13 on march 21st...i was in born in egypt and moved out of egypt when i when i was four years old...i love church and tasbeha and everything to do with god...i love tasbeha because its so beautiful...i go to tasbeha as often as i can...i live in minnesota and i go to st.marys coptic orthodox church of god...i am new to this site and my friend just told me about it a couple of days ago...i really would like to meet some new peope who love god as much as i do...they would be terrific...also i love giving advice and i love helping people out...so anyone on here that would want advice could either IM me online or send me a message and i will try to help you as best i can...im ususally pretty good at it...anyways so far i really like this website and am learning so many new songs...i would love to meet some of you so reply to my message... i think thats all i have to say...god bless you all...and i hope to be meeting some of you soon!


  • Welcome Mariam. Hope u enjoy it here.
  • hello, hope to hear from u with your great advice
  • Hello Marian, it is good to have you on this wonderful site. hope to hear from you soon.

    Good bless
  • I'm looking forward to read your insightful posts ;D


    Keep :Dling
  • Hey Mariam.. Welcome.. Thats pretty GREAT that you love Going to church and tasbeha.. Listening ears, and a heart ready to give love by advice or help, are exactly what get all people close to you..
  • welcome
  • hey mariam, did you like the site!

    *I'll get my pictures this friday so I'll see ya SATURDAY!*
  • hey, sup? welcome
  • i think WELCOME have to do something with the egyptian!!
    but anyway i am egyptian WELCOME
  • i think WELCOME have to do something with the egyptian!!

    but anyway i am egyptian WELCOME

    ?? didn't get that...
  • lol neither did i but hey thats not he pint of this post

    WELCOME hope u luv this site and beefit from this site as i do :)

    looking forward to ur posts :) :DGBU

    GB ALL
  • thanks everyone for welcoming me...i feel so welcome! lol anyways i love this site soo much...everyone here is wonderful and is soo nice to everyone! anyways thanks again to everyone...i really appreciate it!

  • ...everyone here is wonderful and is soo nice to everyone!

    LOL.... sorry, I found that part funny... lol
  • i meant all the egyptian say welcome!
  • ahahahahahhaha good 1 beshoy yar i get it lol good stuff and thats so true

    GB ALL
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