Past Obstacles

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Hey Guys,
I thought that it would be interesting to post problems you or ppl u know have got through with God's Grace.



  • i had like...5405050401210464560 miracles happen in my family with God's grace. But most significant would have to be my sisters existence :)...even tho i hate to admit it...hehe she was a miracle!

    Well, when my parents got married they were trying to have kids for a while, and my mom never got pregnant. (at this time St. Mary was appearing in baba doblo in egypt during Easter) So my mom decided to go and pray and ask for a child. My mom was among the MANY (Christians, muslims) that got to see her :o..The way she describes it is AMAZING! She says "She was like a pilllar of light with doves flying around her crown". This was on April 17, then EXACTLY nine month later my sister was born....her birthday is on January 17 (u do the math!)
    Glory Be To GOD! :D
    p.s: i guess this was more of a miracle, rather than an obstacle. But i thought i should share anyways:P
  • wow! that's gr8!! I wish i could see St Mary.... (weeping bitterly, lol)
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