looking for tasbeha lessons?

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ok i know this website has a section called lesson
when i click on it
doesn't work
does anyone knows a website that has lesson to teach me tasbeha
and i can download them
i also know when you go under media
when you click on midnight praise
there is a person say it very slow Fr. David Bebawy
it's clear in some word but other i really don't know how to say with him
so lesson would be much
and i wish i know how to use the section of lesson here in this website but it's doesn't work
so if you give guys help me and find me website i can go on
please i really need this really badly
God bless each one of you and reward you. ;D :D ;) :)

lesson would be much better


  • what do you mean by lessons?do you mean words and you can memoriz it or hymns and you can listen to it and memoriz it?
  • it's like someone teaching you tasbeha repeating over and over with a sound
    it's lessons teaching you how to momerize the tasbeha
    you got what i mean
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