Premarital sex and same sex issues

Hi, I wanted to ask some clarity on the Coptic Orthodox's take on premarital sex and same sex issues:

Here are my questions:
- If two people in a relationship (one coptic and the other belongs to another Christian denomination) had done it once or twice in their relationship, and the Coptic person confesses it to the priest. They broke up as part of repentance, but after a while got back together and didn't engage in premarital sex anymore, what are the chances that the Non-coptic person in the relationship will be accepted and allowed to explore the idea of conversion? (Note: this person is exploring conversion not because of the Coptic person they are dating but because of their Christian faith).
- If there is someone in the non-coptic's family (not immediate family) are in same sex marriage, will this affect that person's chance of being accepted in the Orthodox church?

Thank you in advance.


  • Very important questions. But these have enough details that the answers are only with the priest that is involved here. The priest is the spiritual guide in everything church related.
  • Thanks for the reply. If I may ask, Is there a specific guideline followed by priests for these types of challenges / issues? Based on your reply it seems it's kind of subjective on the decision of the priest? Hoping to get clarity on this. Thank you.
  • It's not subjective as much as it about what's the best possible action for the circumstance. Premarital sex is a sin.... homosexuality is a sin---these are absolute Christian truths. As Christians we are supposed to strive to live a non-sinful life. Anything other than that is exceptional, and will be dealt with differntly 
  • Hi @Ruth_62!

    No priest will reject a person desiring to join the church, neither will anyone ban someone from getting married if they are orthodox. Even if they do not believe it is for your best.

    However, there is a heavy importance in spiritual guidance to see what is best for each individual and this is done through lots of prayers with the guidance of a spiritual father.

    You are encouraged to speak to a priest and to pray, pray and pray. May God guide you to His will!
  • Thank you @minatasgeel and @ShareTheLord for your insights. Definitely helpful. Appreciate it.
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