What are some Orthodox responses to Petrine/Papal Supremacy

I see many Catholics always arguing stating the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church over all other ones. What are some Orthodox responses to this statement? If possible, please cite the responses and their authors.


  • there is a poster on here called 'italianCoptic', you could send him a personal message - he is good at this.
    if i come across anything i'll post it, i may have something in my files (that i keep on my laptop) on this.
    but don't hold you breath, hopefully others will answer before then.
  • Blessed Lent! His Eminence Metropolitan Youssef has a document posted on the Southern Diocese website entitled, "The Alleged Primacy of St. Peter." If you Google "suscopts primacy of peter," it is the first link that comes up for me. I believe this will answer your question.
  • Thank you!
  • it is also a useful website for daily Bible readings

    i think the page that emoshe23 is referring to is this one

  • @mabsoota, yes, this is the one. I was not sure if I could post a link. Thank you for your help.
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