The Rite of the making of the Holy Myron

I was looking more into the rite of the making of the myron and realized that I Psalm 151 was one of the hymns prayed during the rite and was wondering the background on it? Growing up, finding out that Omonogenis being chanted was pretty cool but I just recently discovered that Psalm 151 should be chanted as well (although it was not when the Myron was made about a month ago). Would love some insight!


  • wow they made myron?
    i must have been too busy 'in real life'!
    do you have any information? i only saw an article about making it in 2021. 
    as for the chanting question - sorry it is way above my pay grade!
  • While the Pope starts to mix all the Myron ingredients together, the four Gospels, and the book of Psalms are distributed to be read inaudibly by all the fathers the metropolitans and the bishops. During that, the hymn "Glory be to our God. Alleluia" should be chanted in its apocalyptic tune, followed by Psalm 151!
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