Praxis Response for Pope Kyrollos and Father Bishoy Kamel

Does anyone have the praxis response for Pope Kyrollos and Father Bishoy Kamel?


  • Pope Kyrillos: 
    ⲱⲟⲩⲛⲓⲁⲧⲕ ϧⲉⲛ ⲟⲩⲙⲉⲑⲙⲏⲓ 
    ⲡⲉⲛⲓⲱⲧ ⲉⲑⲟⲩⲁⲃ ⲙ̀ⲡⲁⲧⲣⲓⲁⲣⲭⲏⲥ 
    ⲁⲃⲃⲁ ⲕⲩⲣⲓⲗⲗⲟⲥ ⲡⲓⲙⲁϩⲥⲟⲟⲩ 
    ⲡⲓⲙⲉⲛⲣⲓⲧ ⲛⲧⲉ Ⲡⲭⲥ 
  • And that's a wrongly incorporated verse into the verses of cymbals and wrongly borrowed into the praxis response..
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ ⲡϭⲥ
  • i have no experience of the verse above, i will leave it for my friends above, who are more knowlegeable than me, to comment.

    is abouna bishoy kamel an official saint now?
    that is nice, he was a shining example of humility and service.
  • Yes Abouna Bishoy Kamel is an official saint now. The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church headed by H.H. Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria declared on June 9, 2022, in Egypt, the official recognition by the Church of Father Bishoy Kamel along with Abouna Yostos El Antoni as Saint.

  • wow, thanks for that, 
    i have seen both saint movies and they are awesome, 
    may their prayers be with us :)
  • @ophadece I’ve heard some talk of simply venerating him as ⲡⲁⲡⲁ Ⲁⲃⲃⲁ Ⲕⲩⲣⲓⲗⲗⲟⲥ ⲡⲓⲁⲣⲭⲏⲉⲣⲉⲩⲥ rather than ⲡⲓⲙⲁϩⲋ︦- is that what youre referring to or is there a deeper issue?
  • Dear @Daniel_Kyrillos,
    Thank you very much for your question.. No, that is actually not the essence of my argument, but I dislike seeing some things done without thought or principles behind them. The Acts response is an Adam hymn, but the chosen verse is watos.. That is it.. Thanks again dear @Daniel_Kyrillos
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ ⲡϭⲥ
  • @ophadece I didn’t know the praxis response was Adam- does this apply to other praxis responses (eg: Saint Mark, Apostles’ Fast, Holy 50)?
  • Yes dear @Daniel_Kyrillos - Acts responses are all in Adam tune, exactly like the verses of cymbals and the morning doxology. Now you can see where I am going with this - added seasonal verses to the verses of cymbals - most of them are wrong, essentially watos, let alone many "regular" verses for the martyrs as well as the above examples of course!
    Can someone please tell me what the difficulty is in saying something along the lines of "ⲭⲉⲣⲉ ⲡⲓⲙⲁⲣⲧⲩⲣⲟⲥ : ⲡⲓϭⲱⲓϫ ⲛ̀ⲅⲉⲛⲛⲉⲟⲥ : ⲭⲉⲣⲉ ⲡⲓⲁⲑⲗⲟⲫⲟⲣⲟⲥ : (ⲛⲓⲙ)"? Or are we so rigid and lack creativity, or unable to compose or worse still parrot-like in our attitude? By the way these are not specially revered verses from the forefathers eg ⲟⲙⲟⲛⲟⲅⲉⲛⲏⲥ for example..
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ ⲡϭⲥ
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