Adam and Eve’s children multiplying

weird question that was brought up in our sunday school class:

If Adam and Eve’s direct children had to reproduce together to multiply, would God have allowed genetic complications among the descendants?


  • When it comes to genetic defects such as diseases - no, He would not allow it.

    If it speaks of various accidents (personal differences) of human nature (for instance, eye color), there is no reason not to allow it.
  • further to the answer above:
    in those days, death had just come in to the world, so people were healthier (some lived to 900 years).
    also the whole of the world's genetic material was encoded in adam and eve's children, so there was an abundance of genes and it was not the same situation as when cousins get married today and there is an increased risk of genetic problems.
  • I look at genesis more like an Origenist in that it’s mostly allegory
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