What happened to the website

The Coptic font on the site has changed and it has really become difficult to read now. The font is confusing for some letters plus it's no longer "bold". Many of my friends find it difficult to read Coptic hymns in the new font.
The Lyrics Library page has also changed and there is now a yellow band at the top (which used to be at the bottom of the page) which is quite useless.
Finally many of the audios don't work, once you click on the link they redirect you to the lyrcs library homepage.

I hope this comment will help to improve the site


  • We just converted all text to the Unicode standard. We are working on getting the Avva Shenouda on there.
  • Youcan use the font Arial Coptic (a unicode coptic font) from this site, paste the text in MSWord ......
    The text will show almost same like CS Avva Chenouda font.....
  • Hi,

    How can I convert a text in unicode coptic font to Avva Shenouda font?
    I installed Arial Coptic font on my mac, copy and paste a text from this website in MS Word but Word doesn't recognise the font even if the Arial Coptic font is in the list of fonts.

    Even converting unicode coptic text from this website into latin letters doesn't work anymore.

  • What about for displaying on screen, is there is any solution for font display nicely on our devices/platforms?
  • hi yoan, i had loads of trouble with compatability when i used to use a mac, although the function of macs is probably superior, there is a big compatability problem.
    now i use a very cheap lenovo laptop with M word, and everything works fine.

    nadermansi, as for showing it in churches on mobile devices, i wish we would all go back to putting out liturgies on laptops and connecting to the screens with cables, as i had enough of the words disappearing when i am trying to sing along!
    all the new tech means it is much harder to follow the liturgy.

    or, even better, we should go back to books, they never disappear in front of you!!

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    I will just share my opinion. I hate the Avva Shenouda font. I have a strong preference for the standard, simple-to-write unicode font. It is based on manuscripts, and it's much easier to write. Avva Shenouda makes learners' lives harder, and I believe it deters people from becoming faster handwriters, and contributes to the impression that many Copts have about Coptic being an obsolete language that is impossible to learn. (Imagine if Canterbury Font was the only English font that you knew, and that you could only read and write English in that font!)
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